Cowboys fan always...

Whether you're a fan of cowboys or not, you will always be a true fan to your team.

Whether the team has a win or lost, it doesn't matter, you're a true fan. You're going to follow your heart and be a true fan.

So what we haven't been to the super bowl in decades, but it doesn't mean stop believing in them.

There's about probably 30 different teams.... But don't say, "I'm gonna be a different team sport and support another" like that is not suppose to work that way. No!!!

There's football teams around.... pick your pick.

1. Cowboys.

2. Giants

3. Patriots

4. Steelers

5. Packers

6. Seahawks

7. Radiers

8. Broncos

9. Eagles

10. Vikings

11. Panthers

12. Cardinals

13. 49ners

14. Redskins

15. Lions

16. Cleveland browns

17. Rams

18. Bears

19. Chargers

20. Texans

21. Saints

22. Ravens

23. Jets

24. Falcons

25. Bills

26. Chiefs

27. Dolphins

28. Colts

29. Titans

30-. Bengals

31. Buccaneers

32 Jaguars

Those are most of all teams. Don't be afraid to say that's your team!!! Once your pick, that's your pick!! 👋🏻👋🏻

Buttttt; who's 1st? Cowboys? 🤗

It's okay that the cowboys didnt get in the superbowl. Still a fan...