Any day is a great day to be a Cougar and a student at the College of Charleston. On Tuesday, March 7th of 2018, the Cougars brought home the biggest win, the CofC basketball team won the CAA Tournament, thus allowing them to go to March Madness. This huge win hasn't happened since 1999, 19 years.

In the first half the Cougars were down by a few points. Once the second half started, the cougars were still down by a few points, but they caught back up and tied the game in order to get overtime. At overtime it was 65-65, CofC vs. Northeastern.

Throughout the game morale went from low to high back to low again. There were some students that were screaming the whole game and never gave up on the cougars. While, some people thought we were too behind to catch up and sat down. As soon as the cougars made it to overtime, morale was at an all time high. Every student and adult was up on their feet screaming as loud as they could.


The constant chant of the word Cougars filled the stadium. There was even alumni tear up at the fact that CofC could pull off this big win.

When the clock hit 0, and the Cougars were up 83-76, the crowd went wild. Hundreds of students ran from all over the stadium to get to the court. Broken gates and angry security stopped no one. CofC students were ecstatic and couldn't contain their excitement.

Throughout the game, seeing all the school spirit and the faces of all different kinds of fans, made me even more happy to be a cougar.

The cougars made history at the CAA Championship and it gives me just one more reason to smile and appreciate being and cougar and a CofC student.

Lets go cougz, we will be routing you on in March Madness!