6 Pros And 6 Cons Of Being 'The Teacher's Kid'

Look, I won't even try to sugar coat this. I have severe writer's block right now. I've spent days trying to figure out what I would be writing about and how I could make it relatable to people, but honestly, I failed.

Between work, school, school work, and l just could not for the life of me find that one amazing topic! So with that being said, I just decided to think of the pros and cons of being a teacher's child. It is exactly what you expect: early mornings, late nights, and a LOT of extra time spent at school.

Whether it is the school your parent teaches at, the school you attend, or both for that matter. You, as a teacher's child, are somewhat always expected to be one step ahead. But, it doesn't always seem so terrible. Think about it, when your parent is a teacher you have the world at your hands!


1. You have a free tutor at your hands.

Sorry mom, but thanks for the help! You'll never know how much I appreciate the help (even when we argue over something).

2. If your teaching parent works at another school, you have twice the ability to make friends.

3. If you need literally anything, you know email is the quickest mode of communication.

If I have learned anything throughout the years, it is that teachers ALWAYS check their email.

4. You have access to twice the amount of help in courses you may not understand.

Whether it be your mom, her coworker, or any other teacher, you get all the help you may need.

5. You potentially call two schools home because you are there so often.

It's a great thing to grow closer to your own school as well as the school your parent teaches at. I love MCHS and BHS equally (well, maybe).

6. Teachers have the same holiday breaks as students so you always have a parent around.


1. EVERYONE knows you.

I wish I was joking. Walking the halls at the school my mom teaches at, random people know who I am. All I can do is say hello and keep walking.

2. Other teachers treat you differently.

3. Your parent finds out about things within your school before you do.

Have you ever been asked about something that happened at school and not have any idea what he/she is talking about? Yeah, me too.

4. You feel the need to be extra cautious.

5. Expectations are set higher for you.

You are expected to act and behave differently than the other students. If they are the bad kids, you have to look like a saint. If they make bad grades, you better have A's.

6. You have to talk about school even when you aren't at school.

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