ThePros And Cons Of Taking Online Courses

ThePros And Cons Of Taking Online Courses

Every online class can be good or bad and here are the reasons why.

We all realize that during college we would kill for a little extra time to relax or some more time to put the final touches on our papers, for me that time comes with my online classes. Each semester I choose a couple online classes to help even out my schedule and here are a few pros and cons of online classes.


1. Working at your own pace

Students have a hard enough time balancing work, their social life and school studies, but with an online class you don't necessarily have an exact deadline for that paper, or homework assignment. Most online professors give you until the end of the semester to complete all of your work and you have your own set deadlines that work for you.

2. Not having to wake up and sit in class all day

We all dread those early morning 8 ams or even the thought of having to drive or walk to class. With online classes, stay in a little longer and remember sleep deprivation is bad.

3. No clothes no problem

Don't feel like getting dressed, leave that messy bun and put on some comfy sweats or better yet don't bother, its not like your professor or future letter of recommendation writer is watching I won't tell if you won't.

4. Hate group projects forget about it

How can you work in a group if you never meet? I'm all for some in class chit chat over the powerpoint, but all of this extra lets make a documentary together is just not for me.

5. Not a big in person fan, remember emails are the best

It's an online class after all, not many of those professors will ask you to meet at their office. Emailing is key to keeping a good grade in their class. We all have problems that we need help with and a quick email can solve it all no running and checking office hours required.

6. Always having an open note test

They can't monitor and most online professors understand that as it is it will ALWAYS be open note. Which benefits the superb note taker, even if nothing ever gets turned in. This factor greatly boosts the grades in an online class and is another reason that I personally enjoy these.

7. No papers

As a history major, I am always writing research papers and my one escape is through online classes. I have yet to be assigned a research paper through online classes which makes me beyond happy.


1. Not always having the right level of communication

For some people, which you may fall under, not being able to quickly communicate with the professor can stress them out, and even damage grades as they become confused about the class materials.

2. Lack of self-dedication

Every student struggles just to get up some days, and if you have to pressure yourself into doing your homework creating deadlines and following them can break your grade if YOU are all that stands between pass and fail.

3. Professors forget about their online classes from time to time

I'm sure that their lecture classes take more time and planning, but even the professors need better dedication to their online courses. When a professor takes 5 days to respond, I'm sure I have already failed your assignment by then because I couldn't get the help that I needed.

4. Professors that forget to put the assignments up, or study guides then throw them all up at once (near end of semester)

This literally is like "kill me now", if I haven't had the time to do this and then it all shows up at once with the same deadline there is no way that I could ever get it done.

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Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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How Your College Break, Holiday Season Will Probably Go Down, As Told By 'New Girl'

Thank God for that spiked egg nog.



If you know me at all, I believe this is the best time of the year, everything is decorated with twinkly lights, there is an abundance of ice skating rinks around town, the Starbucks Christmas cups are here, and of course the time of going home to your families.

Introducing significant others to the family is always exciting yet nerve-racking. Especially in my household with my millions of cousins who all take the responsibility of being my intimidating older brother. Did they lock my boyfriend in a closet at some point? You betcha. Now did that relationship last much past that? You tell me.

So whether you are bringing a sig-o to meet your family or just your lovely self, there are always the up's and downs of the Holidays. The following is a Christmas Story as described by "New Girl".

Ah, cuffing season, we only love you if we're reaping the benefits.

You come home during the Holidays and your Aunt asks, "where's that one fella?", and your mother gives her the look and she quickly tries to change the subject. You proceed to have the lovely conversation of why you're alone, but actually totally okay with it, cause you don't have the time, and are a busy gal trying to juggle clubs, a job, an internship, and school all at once. You talk about the accomplishments that you've been making, and the only part of that speech that is registered by your family members is that you came alone, you get that endearing pat on the back, of "it's gonna be okay". I KNOW SUSAN.

Or you might bring home that boyfriend, finally someone worth bringing home to show off to your family but of course, being the overachiever that you've been looking for, he tries to fit in too quickly, impress your family. Then goes in for the hug with your Dad right off the bat, when your dad was going for the handshake.

Tone it down babe.

This is then the point of where you walk away to take a breath and go straight for the food -- but hold on, it isn't ready yet because you came for dinner and it's 2 pm.

You go sit down next to your elderly relatives to see how they are doing, and you're surprised because you find yourself relating to cynical old Uncle Larry. Bonding.

Then finally, the Turkey buzzer goes off and its time to eat, your grandmother continues to then feeds you loads of her homemade stuffing.

Then your lovely Aunt Sheryl stops by and takes a seat next to you and asks you what you are planning on doing with your life.

God bless that spiked eggnog.

Everything might not go according to plan, it never does.

Yet at the end of that hectic day, you look at everyone surrounding you, and you are damn thankful to have all of these people in your life. Whether they are family, friends, or your cousin's boyfriend you're meeting for the first time. Everyone there made the effort of coming together, enjoying one another's company, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, and enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa. Even though parts of it may seem painful, Christmas is still the all-time best, especially when you have an Aunt like mine who decorates her house like the actual North Pole, and you can't help but walk around like a giddy Jessica Day.

Having the privilege of relaxing and celebrating, and eating good food with each other.

I can't wait.

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