The Best And Worst Parts Of Having A Party

I would consider myself to be a mix between a social wallflower and a dancing machine. It depends on the when, where, and who, of course. This year, I'm living in a house with seven of my sorority sisters, and I've found that they, more often than not, bring out the latter half of my personality. I've also found that throwing parties at our house has its pros and cons.

Pro: Your roommates.

First thing first, I love my roommates. So when we throw parties, even if it's just the eight of us, or we just invite a few people over, it's a reminder of why we lived together. So pro number one: parties at home mean we all get to hang out.

Con: People thinking they're your roommates.

True story, people won't leave if they get tired and live far away. Most of the time, that's totally fine. But then there are the moments where it's a friend of a friend who forgets that your couch is not their bed.

Pro: You're at home.

If you happen to fall closer to the "wallflower" side of the personality range, never fear. When you throw a party at home, that means you get to easily slip away for a few minutes to relax and get some (comparative) quiet. That can be stepping outside for some air, going to your room and shutting the door for a few minutes, or sneaking away upstairs so you can hang out with your dog.

Con: You're at home.

Which means you might worry about the state of your bedroom once everyone's wet snow boots are done trudging through the house. Roll up your carpets and make the bed so no one gets too comfy.

Pro: Bathrooms.

You can hide the extra toilet paper so that you never run out, and you know the bathroom is clean, which is seriously a nightmare of mine.

Con: Other people using your bathroom.

Refer back to the previous pro and hide extra toilet paper so people don't use all of your reserves that the your mom sent back with you after winter break. Also, cleaning up after other people always sucks.

Pro: Your kitchen.

Which means you can go get food whenever you get hungry. My roommate made quesadillas in the middle of a party this weekend. It's totally normal.

Con: People eating your food.

It's true, it happens; you've got to get over it. Honestly, it doesn't happen that much, because most people are decent human beings, but still, maybe have someone stand on guard.

Pro: Your bed.

At the end of the night, after cleaning, making sure the trash has been (mostly) taken out, and checking in on roommates, your bed is right down the hall. You don't even have to leave the house if you don't want to. So go throw on your pajamas, drink a glass of water, turn on Netflix, and be happy to be home. Also, a roommate might come down and watch a movie.

Pro: The next morning.

Once all of the roommates have congregated for breakfast and rehydration, you get to recap the night, laugh at the memories, and get excited for the next time everyone has a free weekend. Plus, one of your roommates might be a better breakfast cook than you are, and you might get an omelet out of it. Or, at the very least, you have a buddy to walk down to Bodo's with to get bagels for the house.

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