Proposal Ideas Straight From The Men Themselves
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I Asked 26 Guys For Their Best Proposal Ideas And You Have To Admit, These Are Cute

"I think for me, keeping it simple but romantic and proposing somewhere that has a lot of meaning for the both of us."

I Asked 26 Guys For Their Best Proposal Ideas And You Have To Admit, These Are Cute|&mediapopup=56677597

These days a proposal is almost like a large production. There is the ring, the photographer, the videographer, the place, the family, the girl, etc. Whatever type of person you are, having a memorable proposal is something every girl dreams of.

I asked 26 guys what their plans were for their future proposal and here is what they had to say. From tricking their future bride to having a romantic evening, you may just be surprised.

1. "On a hot air balloon, looking out over the ocean at sunset." - Age 20, Taken

2. "My proposal plans will be determined by who I will marry. It's going to be intimate. However, it will be fully a surprise and most likely impromptu. To the point that it is somewhat a risk if she will say yes. I don't get why couples plan like 'we plan on getting engaged in two months.' Fu*k that." - 22, Single

3. "Imma get her a fake ring because she'll never know the difference. Then, if we get divorced, I'll tell her the truth. But if we make it more than 10 years, I'll buy her a real ring. Or when the prenup expires. Do prenups expire?" - Age 20, Single

4. "Honestly I haven't thought too much into detail about it. Would love to be at a significant place that is special and means something to both of us." - Age 20, Single

5. "I think for me, keeping it simple but romantic and proposing somewhere that has a lot of meaning for the both of us." - Age 21, Single

6. "I'd just propose, I don't know." - Age 16, Taken

7. "Oh man, sorry, that's so far out in my mind that I've hardly given it any thought!" - Age 20, Single

8. "I bet she has a Pinterest board or some sh*t for this." - Age 21, Taken

9. "My girlfriend told me if I propose at a restaurant she'd say no so, I won't do that." - Age 22, Taken

10. "Whatever Peter did in that new movie. He proposed in that right? No? Oh, well I dunno." - Age 20, Single

11. "I'll just make sure I ask her dad first. Then, I don't think it matters." - Age 23, Single

12. "I've actually thought a lot about this. I think I'll get all her friends involved. Think like prom but bigger." - Age 24, Taken

13. "First, I would have her get her nails done earlier in the week because girls want their hands to look pretty for the ring picture. Then, I would take her into town for a fun little date and at the end of it we would go into this snowy forest where my sister-in-law would be waiting behind a tree to take photos." - Age 19, Taken

14. "I read online that a guy proposed with Taco Bell and that would be pretty dope. I don't know if she'd be that into it but I think about that a lot." - Age 22, Single

15. "I think I would do it outdoors, on some fun adventure or trip. In my current relationship, a lot of our time and memories have involved hiking trips, off-roading, and Jeep trips so it would be nice to incorporate what has given us so many memories." - Age 20, Taken

16. "I just know to have good lighting for the photos. The rest, we'll see what I come up with." - Age 21, Single

17. "I'll probably have to watch a sh*t ton of Disney movies or something." - Age 20, Single

18. "I'd have to think about it. I honestly don't know. I don't know who I want to marry. I don't know if I've met them before or if I'm yet to meet them. There is nothing better than a personal, sentimental memory to share together, forever. However it goes, I hope they say yes. But as far as a dream proposal in mind for my future wide, I hope I live the dream with her." - Age 20, Single

19. "A morning hike on the very top while the sunrise is going up! And have a photographer hiding there to take pictures to capture the moment." - 20, Single

20. "I would recreate our first date. Intimate and meaningful." - Age 23, Taken

21. "Her favorite movie is the Notebook so I would probably take her to the spots where the Notebook is filmed and set up a camera for when I propose." - Age 27, Taken

22. "I would take her to where we first met and read her a prayer that I wrote." - Age 26, Taken

23. "Definitely have the best friend approve of the ring, make sure her nails look nice and save time for photos." - Age 24, Taken

24. "I would want to have my proposal outdoors and very unexpected. Somewhere my girlfriend and I would be isolated and looking at something beautiful in God's creation such as New Zealand, one of the Utah National Parks, or Banff National Park. I also would only propose if I knew she would say yes." - Age 21, Single

25. "What I want to do is keep a massive journal of momentos, pictures, letters, and funny stories that progress from the beginning of our relationship to the point of our engagement and the last page would be blank and the top would say engagement and then there would be an empty space where our engagement photo would go. I would give it to her, get down on one knee, and say something about wanting to make so many sweeter and richer memories and ultimately reflect the love of the cross in our marriage." - Age 21, Taken

26. "It depends on the person but here's what I've thought about up to this point: I'd set up a beach date with plans for dinner after. We'd go to the beach and just hang out. I would bring my guitar and play a special song such as Lucky by Jason Miraz if she likes to sing (it's a duet) or Stand By Me if she doesn't, or her favorite song, whatever it is. Then I'd pull out a journal in which I'd written about our relationship (I love journaling). In the upper right corner, there would be a cutout where the ring would be and I would propose hopefully around the sunset. Maybe I'll arrange for a friend to come and take photos of it all. Then, if she says yes, life can go on... and if she says no I'll just die." - Age 22, Taken 

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