How To Properly Email Your Professor
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How To Properly Email Your Professor

Examples on what the perfect email to your professor should look like.

How To Properly Email Your Professor

Emailing a professor is never easy, especially if you are trying to reach out to a professor who you are not too comfortable with or you are not used to emailing any teacher. Professors want you to learn, they want to help, so it is important to know how to ask for help outside of the classroom. Here is a bad example of an emailing to send to your professor.

Dear George,

It's Kathy. What's up? I had a huge headache so decided not to go to class today LOL. Did I miss anything important? Can you send me the work? Thanks.

What is Wrong:

1. The professor is incorrectly addressed.

2. Kathy who? What if your teacher has six Kathy's in one class?

3. There is no form of respect.

4. Of course you missed something important. If there was nothing to be learned, than the class would have never been held.

Now here's an email that guarantees help from a professor.

Good Morning Professor Adams,

I hope your day has started off well. I am emailing you regarding my absence in your intro to psych class at 10:30 a.m. yesterday. An emergency occurred and I, unfortunately, could not make it to yesterday's class. I realize I missed important material so was wondering if it is possible to set up office hours with you so you could assist me with the notes and work I missed. I would also like to discuss potential methods that will help me improve my performance in your class. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help me as well as for understanding. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

- First + Last Name

School ID Number

In this second example, I first addresses the professor by which ever way he/she likes to be addressed. You want to show your teacher than you respect him/her. I then noted which class I am emailing about. Professors teach multiple classes sometimes even at different universities, so it is a possibility they have a lot on their plate and may not remember every single student as well as there attendance. Of course everything they teach is important, so you do not want your teacher to feel otherwise. Every work you miss is important work you are missing which is expected to be learned and turned in. Acknowledge that. Do not demand help but ask for it in the most respectful way possible. Then, thank them for their help. Plenty of teachers go out of their way to help students as long as a student reaches out to the teacher so it's important you help them recognize that their work is appreciated. Finally, signature the email. Put your first and last name but even your school ID just in case they need the additional information.

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