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    Through out the early years of my high school career I did not realize how strong one person’s voice is. Although I always had a passion for writing, being outspoken and making a difference, I lacked the confidence to actually speak up about the different situations, events, misunderstandings and groundbreaking stories surrounding me on a day to day basis. As I continued to grow I learned that I had a strong voice, that I had a passion for reaching out to a community and giving the people something to either really think about or to enjoy after a difficult day. Social media has alway been my platform. I use my social media to reach out to people all around the nation to share my thoughts and/or experiences with people who it would interest. My obsession with pop culture has led me to believe that headlining stories brings so many people together regardless the topic. I would love to share my knowledge on the entertainment industry in order to spark conversation in everyday lives. Of course, regardless how many sleepless nights studying (or partying… I mean lets be real) a college student goes through, they’ll always know the latest top stories and trends of the day. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll know the public’s reaction… the memes, reckless tweets, rants and jokes everyone around the world is sharing. I want to be able to utilize the Odyssey platform in order to share not only my perspective on the entertainment industry, political industry, music industry, scientific industry etc… but everyone else’s. I want to be able to remind people that their opinions are being seen and their voices are being heard! Everybody has a voice and it would be amazing to be able to not only share the stories but be the voice for the public’s reactions also. Through this position I will not only learn more about myself, my interests, the public's appeal and stay updated on the latest stories but I will also be able to start to build experience for the career I want to pursue in the future which is something I will be beyond excited to do and honored to experience.

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