7 Ways To Promote Your Business Using Instagram Stories

Talk about an instant hit. Instagram Stories spanned to 100 million daily busy users within two months of launching. But how do you employ Stories to publicize your business?

For socially-engaged businesses, Instagram Stories provides a box-fresh car for promoting your company, your products, your solutions. Get it right, and you're able to engender your followers with an excess dollop of affinity with your brand -- creating loyalty and, finally, encouraging future earnings.

Here are 7 tips for utilizing Instagram Stories to promote your business.

1. Go Behind the Scenes

You may be amazed how interested individuals are when it comes to peeping behind the curtain. In an era where customers are skeptical of conventional advertising, there is an honesty about peeling your layers off and accepting your crowd behind the scenes. That may be a peek of your office gym, a look at the nuts and bolts of your production line or a time-lapse view of your stand heading up at an industry event.

2. Product Demonstrations and Guides

Just a small quirkiness may go a long way when it comes to great marketing. The temporary nature of Instagram Stories gives you a chance to showcase your goods in a different light.

3. Make Teasers For Newly Launched Products

Are you launching a new product soon? Tease it using a Story and allow your most prominent followers spread the word for your benefit. You can also put instagram story in your instadp to get more engagement. Collect the buzz. Feed the hype system. Give away a couple of things about a killer new feature.

4. Promote Your Events

Are you holding a webinar? Are you hosting a conference? Are you inviting your customers to a networking event? Then people need to know about it. Instagram Stories provides you with a platform for getting the message across loud and clear. No hassle, no frills. Just avoid being overly salesy. In the end, you want people to participate with your prospective Stories; and they won't if they expect a sales pitch.

5. Record Live Your Event

So you've resolved to hold a seminar on the history of the hemline (or whatever your field of expertise is). Add to the sense of occasion and engage non-attendees by taking these behind the scenes. Sure, it may be too late to add to the crowd tally, but there is nothing like giving folks a small FOMO to encourage sign-ups next time you are promoting an occasion.

6. Discount Sales And Offers

Wish to learn a great way to benefit your followers? Platform-specific flash revenue on your goods. Announcing too-good-to-miss provides through your Stories encourages your followers to pay razor-sharp attention to the material you publish. Just don't overdo it.

7. Sessions of Q&A

You can cut in certain shots of your goods or services to make sure the brand message hits home.

Instagram Stories gives you a fresh approach to reach out to your followers, build loyalty and raze the standard borders between business and client. The key, as ever, is to maintain your content audience-focused. Stay engaging. Provide worth. And attempt to refrain from publishing also frequently.

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