Time and time again, I hear from many different individuals what the problems of the world are. I hear things such as, "Those damn Liberals," or "Those heartless conservatives." I hear people of differing religions quarreling over the evils of those who oppose them. Through all of the hatred and blaming of others it hit me… there is a clear problem with the world. No matter where you live, what religion you believe in, or what race you are, the problems in your social group are the same as the problems of all the social groups. Its quite simple, people would rather blame another for the sufferings in the world than take credit for their own actions.

When someone can't find a job they blame the immigrants. When someone doesn't have enough money for the week they blame the lazy individuals on welfare. When someone is arrested they blame the person who arrested them. Where will it stop. Yes, there are clear moments when a certain social group is targeted by others. Yes, there are times where you will suffer because of the laziness of others. But guess what, you can still find parts in many situations where you were in the wrong. Where your social group was in the wrong.

Another great set back of our world is the lack of perspective. People, for some reason, don't want to think about where someone else is coming from. I'm not an African American, so guess what… I don't have much room to say how someone who is feels in situations they deem unfair. The same goes for me, I have my own set of problems that people of other races, religions or economic backgrounds wouldn't necessarily understand because they have never been in my shoes. So instead of thinking purely from a perspective that you were raised on, keep in mind others were raised with other perspectives. Sometimes someone else's perspective may seem ignorant, but for all you know you're in the wrong. Keep an open mind: don't stay close minded to the idea that another social group may have a point.

There are so many groups that are outraged in our world. Instead of hearing out particular groups that are trying to have social change we tell them they are wrong. Really? Nothing seems wrong with telling an entire social group that what they feel is wrong? Listen to the hearts of the people, listen to what they feel. You can't tell me what someone feels is wrong. A person has complete ownership over how they feel and the least you can do is hear them out. That doesn't mean you have no rights to your own feelings however. So if you truly feel as if a social change is wronging you for whatever reason, then you have a right to that. An easy way to handle this problem is simply saying I respect how you feel, but I don't agree with your actions. You can't say their feelings are wrong, but you have a right to say you believe their actions were wrong.

I come from a very mixed background. I have family from many different races, economic backgrounds, ethnicities, and so on. It pains me to see when a particular group in my family is hurting, but it also pains me when I see a group in my family that refuses to see from another perspective. So please just open your eyes. No matter where you stand politically, no matter what your background is just look at how another person feels, and don't blame them for your own problems.

Everyone is hurting in our world when we blame and stay close minded, open your heart and heal the world.