Every time a new season comes around, I'm bombarded on social media with pictures of people coming together to watch this drama-filled show. I've been seeing this trend for every season that has been on these past few years, so being home from summer and having nothing to do, I decided to give these shows a chance.

I never gave this show a chance before because I never really understood the appeal to this show. It's a bunch of people going after the same person and that's exhausting!

After watching this past season, I have noticed many problems that come from these shows.

1. The point of the show is to get engaged after only knowing the person for a few weeks  

You're basically dating fifteen people at once in a span of a couple of weeks. How are you suppose to truly know someone at that time, especially since it's broadcasted on national tv? No one is going to be their authentic selves. I don't think that the season should end with an engagement, it should just be someone that you're deciding to exclusively date since you still have to get to know each other.

2. Diversity 

Yes, in the beginning of the show, the cast of either men or women are usually diverse, but as time goes by you begin to see that in every season, it just looks like it's the same person over and over again as the numbers dwindle. With 23 seasons of "The Bachelor" and 15 seasons of "The Bachelorette," there has only been one African-American Bachelorette.

3. Stereotypes within the show

It seems like in every season, each contestant has to fit into one of the stereotypes that the show has to either stay or get noticed. For men, you either have the tough guys or you have the sensitive guys. For women, they're either sluts, crazy, or super innocent. It's just not realistic that everyone will fit into these molds, and it gets boring just seeing the same people over and over again.

4. The way sex is discussed 

When Colton was the Bachelor, the only thing that anyone cared about was that he was a virgin. They constantly discussed his virginity throughout the show, and of course, when his season was over, the only question they had for him was if he lost his virginity. Also, in other seasons, they use sex to shame the female contestants who do participate in the fantasy suites.