Fact Check: Pro-Choice Does NOT Equal Pro-Abortion
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Fact Check: Pro-Choice Does NOT Equal Pro-Abortion

It's not a contradiction to want to support women.

Fact Check: Pro-Choice Does NOT Equal Pro-Abortion

In exactly one year, it will mark a century since women were given the right to vote, yet most of us are still be oppressed. Some don't have access to quality education or healthcare, and the media and men constantly shame us for trying to be liberating. Today, it's about abortion.

If you don't want something, you get rid of it? Some people like to donate it if it's not too roughed up. Others immediately throw it away once they figure out that it's different. That same method of thinking has been applied to abortion for years.

Being raised in a southern baptist church meant religion influenced my politics to a certain extent, and one of those things was that I'm supposed to be pro-life. However, why should my opinion on abortion stop other women?

After having a social media discussion with two friends, they gave me a new outlook on what it meant to be pro-choice, and it was truly mind-blowing. Women have been put down for so many years because they did what they wanted; we should be able to do what we want with our body when we want.

This is why I am pro-choice.

Being pro-choice is supporting the choice, not the action. If I supported the action, I'd be pro-abortion. We're not forcing ever women to go out and get an abortion. Even then, some have had fallen ideas about what it truly means like New York Legislature passing abortion laws up to birth. These are the laws that are confusing not current federal ones.

In fact, the woman in the court case, Roe v.s. Wade, that gave us abortion rights was actually pro-life. She only wanted to option to terminate her pregnancy in the early stages because she felt suffocated having something that would remind her of a terrible moment in her life.

However, it's not about abortions. It's about women having the choice.

It's about having the choice to continue her education studies. It's about her having the choice to be economically successful. It's about her not wanting to bring a child into this world that is so cruel and demeaning to women who are embracing their sexuality.

It's "incredible" how our government wants to interfere in the rights of women when there are more humanitarian rights at stake. Maybe if women had access to better education to create financial stability, she wouldn't have to abort. What if healthcare was more readily available, and the pregnancy didn't even happen: shocking idea right?

Colorado implemented a program that created the cost of IUD expenses to become affordable resulting in a huge drop in abortion rates. Because of this pregnancy prevention, the state still avoided $70 million in public assistance cost for families who could not support due to unwanted pregnancy. They didn't make abortion illegal; they just found a more wholesome alternative.

We cannot make this choice illegal.

It's like the law of conservation of matter. You cannot create or destroy matter. Making abortions illegal doesn't destroy the problem, it just forces it underground becoming a detriment to women's health.

Instead, let's support new healthcare laws providing better access to birth control, like Colorado, so the option of abortion is hardly there. Let's educate the younger population on how to stay safe and sexually active. Let's prepare women instead of oppressing them.

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