For myself and many others, it's so easy to put others before yourself. Even if that means making sure they are happy even if you're not. Depending on the type of person you are, you might have the caring nature about yourself that makes you want to do the best and see the best in everyone which may end up keeping you from being happy.

Since a young age, I was always the type of person that would literally drop anything or do anything for any of my friends even the ones I wasn't close with. I would go places with them that I didn't want to go to and do everything they wanted to do and never voiced what I wanted because I was afraid of them getting mad at me and losing that friend.

I let people walk all over me to the point where I was completely miserable but continued to let it happy because I was afraid to stick up for myself and just wanted everyone to be happy even if that meant not letting myself be happy. Until finally my mom had an important talk with me.

During that talk, she sat me down and told me that I can't keep making myself unhappy just because I so badly wanted everyone else to be happy. It wasn't healthy for me and no friend was worth making me feel like that. Once I realized that everything was different. I started to stick up for myself, I finally had a voice. I no longer let people walk all over me and decided to take hold of my life and what I wanted. I needed to be happy.

If you are anything like I was, please take some time to think about your life. Are you taking charge of your life and doing the things that make you happy? Or are you doing things that make those around you happy? The quicker you realize that you are more focused on others than yourself, you'll figure out that you need to start caring about your wants and your needs.

I'm not telling you that you should stop caring about people by any means. But if you have people in your life that you do nothing but give and give to them and you do everything to make them happy rather then yourself, please stop. No person or friend is worth that. Friendships and or relationships are a give and take. If you continue to get walked all over those people are not worth it.

Focus on YOU and what YOU need and want in life. Make sure you feel important and that your opinion is valid. Do not let those around you decide how your life should be and what happens in your life. This is your life, take hold and make sure you, yourself is happy first and then focus on the people around you after.

Always remember, you are important and you do matter. Don't let anyone change that. Always make sure YOU are happy.