My first reaction when I think Hallmark movies goes as follows: romance, drama, silly, annoying, overdone, and addicting. I'm one who is against all things Christmas (except celebrating Jesus) until after Thanksgiving. That is until my love for Vanessa Hudgens forced me to break that pact just once and I was pleasantly surprised.

Netflix is sharing the Hallmark spirit with their new Christmas releases this year. One of which stars the gorgeous, playful, witty, and insanely talented Vanessa Hudgens.

'The Princess Switch'; funny, cheesy, sweet, and all things Hallmark except on Netflix. And as all Christmas movies do, it adds that perfect bit of holiday cheer and heart. And Vanessa Hudgens killed it!

Set to act as two different women with two extremely different lives. When their physical appearance encourages a Duchess to switch places with a Chicago commoner to live a "normal life" before she is arranged to marry a prince. Meanwhile, Chicago native and baking extraordinaire who was also a competitor in a baking competition for the royal family has to pretend to be a royal. Yikes, the pressure!

Let me give you a lay down of the plot. Now don't worry I won't spoil the ending, let's see if you can guess it. Chicago baker Stacy and her best guy friend and his younger daughter set out to compete in a baking competition in a make-believe country. In the said country, Duchess Margaret can't help but feel confused about what she wants when it comes to her arranged marriage set for Christmas. And as all Parent Trap movies go, when Stacy runs into Margaret behind the scenes of the baking competition, Margaret gets the idea to switch places for a couple of days.

There's a prince arranged to marry Duchess Margaret and the best friend and sous chef to Stacy. When each couple is not a match for one another, they switch players in the game and with love and holiday magic in the air, these two incredible women might find a little more than just how a commoner and a royal life.

And though the story may seem a bit overdone, Vanessa's performance makes you feel as if your experiencing the story for the very first time.