Harry and Meghan Are Taking The Road Less Traveled

In a rather unprecedented move, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have taken a step back from their roles in Buckingham Palace and cited the desire to be "financially independent" on their Instagram.

While I've joked that the couple essentially put their two weeks in, this is an incredible move both historically as well as for their family. There have been other members of the Royal Family who have left their role for one reason or another, like Prince Harry's mother, Diana, after her divorce. Most recently, Prince Andrew stepped down as the scandal tying him to Jeffery Epstien continued. In 1936, Edward VIII abdicated the throne because of his love for a divorcee named Wallis Simpson.

I'm sort of glad that he did, otherwise his brother would have never become King and therefore depriving us of one of the greatest speeches of all time.

Jokes aside, this is incredible. In recent months, the couple had separated themselves from the Royal lifestyle by forgoing traditional celebrations and going on a six week vacation instead. They were rather absent from the pbblic life during this time as well and had barely returned when they dropped this announcement.

Reasons for their departure are many. The couple cited financial independence as one reason and it appears that Markle has already booked a deal with Disney.

The other reason wasn't stated in their post, but it is the elephant in the room and perhaps, an even bigger reason for Prince Harry to want to abscond away from the Royal Life than separating himself from the Crown's money.

Back in October Prince Harry talked about how the press harassment of his wife reminded him of the tragedy of his mother, Princess Diana, who died when he was 12. Becoming financially independent may just be one of the steps required for him to protect his family.

The move away from the duties of Royalty is certainly historic and should be celebrated. It is also a harsh reminder of what has happened in the past when the media was allowed to run rampant.

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