The Importance Of Pressure Cookers And Expressing Emotion
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The Importance Of Pressure Cookers And Expressing Emotion

So many people keep emotions in and forget about them until they keep gaining more pressure.

The Importance Of Pressure Cookers And Expressing Emotion

Cooking with my instant pot revolutionized the way I was eating forever. It's an easy, clean, and super fast method of preparing meals. It was safe to say I was in love with this appliance. I mean it's the best appliance for a college student! I began thinking about how the instant pot was actually a perfect metaphor for my life. I, like a lot of others, keep a lot of emotions in, and forget about them and they just keep gaining more pressure. If a person doesn't clean their instant pot, it will grow mold and you will eventually have a small ecosystem in your kitchen. I've realized that this type of pressure-building mentality affects a lot of people, myself included. So many people that I've met cannot communicate. I think in college, communication is probably one of the biggest reasons why people choose to end their relationship. I never understood how important letting the feelings and emotions out really was until I did some serious soul-searching!

When things go wrong in life, a lot of people try to keep their friends and family out of it. I've realized lately how important it is to speak to your friends or family about these issues. I often forget to fill in some of the people in my life on things that are happening and issues just inevitably continue to pile up. This helps take off some of the pressure. Spending time with those closest to you is easily one of the best ways to help ease stress. Basically what I'm trying to say is don't be a metaphorical instant pot!

I think one of the most important lessons in life is to know when to talk to the people around you and when to ask for help. I have known so many people in life who, like me, keep so many emotions and stresses inside. Sometimes even therapy is a great option for people who don't feel like burdening or opening up to close ones. Even though this is inevitable, it helps a lot of people learn to embrace their emotions and flaws.

The most important first step in opening up and expressing your internal feelings is first being aware of this flaw. Not that this means that one should necessarily tell everyone everything. Talking to the people around you about what is going on in your life will help to make you feel support which will in turn help alleviate your anxiety and pressure-building emotions.

For the longest time I chose to keep my emotions in, and recently I've realized that people do actually care! Close friends and family both want to see you succeed and be happy in life. There is nothing wrong with talking about your flaws and how you are feeling. Another important thing to do is make sure that you are asking those around you how they really are doing. It can make a huge difference in someone's life.

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