Press Pause And Hit Play: Week Of April 12
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Press Pause And Hit Play: Week Of April 12

Rewind from the busy world around us by taking a pause to check out this past week's newest releases.

Press Pause And Hit Play: Week Of April 12
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There is no doubt that the times we live in today are as crazy as ever. Most of the world is in self-isolation and almost everything we once coined has normal as been interrupted. Sports seasons have been cancelled, movie premiers and concerts postponed, and amusement parks closed.

Our forms of entertainment have been halted and shifted to new ways. The creation and production of new music is something that has remained constant throughout this current health threat. Many artists are releasing more music as time has been opened up and lives have drastically slowed down.

The following eight tracks are only the beginning of the work that was released during the week of April 12, many of which directly benefit the crisis at hand.

"PDLIF" by Bon Iver

"PDLIF", which stands for "Please Don't Live in Fear", was inspired by the current status and fearful living of our world. This song is full of reassurance and bursts of various aesthetics that the band poses throughout their previous works.

Despite the tragedy going on around them, Bon Iver frontman, Justin Vernon started this project to bring a bit of light and hope. This single was produced through isolated collaboration, passing the files and ideas to each member until all elements completed the song. The entire structure of the single was built around a sample of Alabaster dePlume's "Visit Croatia".

100% of the proceeds from "PDLIF" are going to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization who is currently providing relief due to the COVID-19 effects.

If you are needing any reminder that there is hope and better days ahead, this song is something you must check out.

"ROCKSTAR" by Dababy, Roddy Ricch

At the beginning of this week, Charlotte rapper Dababy hinted that something was coming Friday, April 17th. He delivered his album BLAME IT ON BABY featuring artists like Future, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, and Megan Thee Stallion. This is Dababy's third album in 13 months, with each album holding a tight 13 tracks as well.

The track "ROCKSTAR" featuring Roddy Rich played to both artist's strengths with morphed melodies as well as pulling both out of their comfort zones for brief moments. This new track, which was released on the 17th has already soared to Spotify's #1 spot on the United States Top 50 and is currently only #9 on the Global Top 50. It is already hot among many listeners and looks as though that won't be changing anytime soon.

"Mindreader" by A Day To Remember

This week, A Day To Remember released a song off their new album which was suppose to be released back in November of last year. They have had numerous setbacks but made the release of the third single, "Mindreader" this past week.

This song falls right in between the band's signature pop-punk meets metal-core sound they hold true to through each album.

Included in the release of this single, the band dropped an animated video to go with it.

"Keep On Dancing" by Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder released "Keep On Dancing" as their second song on Home Tapes, a project which will reflect songs they write, mix, record, and produce in their own home during quarantine. The duo explained recently on social media that they wanted to contribute in the only way they know how, through music.

"Keep On Dancing" paints the picture of their isolation birthday celebration which can be understood by thousands who are experiencing a similar birthday. It portrays the perfect balance between the heartbreaking reality and the comfort of positivity.

This candid pop piece of work gives us a much needed reminder of how we can all play our part to turn something so full of pain into a beautiful moment.

"Window" by Still Woozy

If you are looking for a heartfelt, summer love song, you have come to the right place. Still Woozy released his latest single "Window" this week and it gives off all the vibes that makes you want to have that summer love, all while pushing melodic boundaries.

You may need to close your eyes and just pretend you are at the park with your friends to fully feel the passion in this single. Like many of Still Woozy's songs, "Window" provides a danceable tune with incredible fusion between the main vocals and backing echoes.

"Look For The Good" by Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz blessed the music world with his newest release this week titled, "Look For The Good". He actually wrote this song over a year ago and it just so happens to be something we could all hear right now. Mraz once again went back to his indie reggae sound this time around. This track is all about being optimistic with everything you do through its lyrics and happy feeling that the beats provide.

It is not just four letters, a title to a song, or the title track to an album, Mraz believes "Look For The Good" is a mantra that can bring the world closer to peace.

"Everybody Business" by Kehlani

If you are in need of a smooth jam to capture your feelings, look no further. This week Kehlani delivered a single to spice up or quarantine. She let everyone know that her relationships were her business, not everyone else's. The passionate lyrics mixed with the smooth R&B were melded together to create a heartfelt proclamation. It's no wonder the single has already gone over so well.

Paired with the release of this song, Kehlani went along and wowed viewers with a self-directed music video where she took to her backyard to earnestly describe her feelings about the public's view on her dating habits.

"It's Ok To Be Human" by Foster The People

Lead vocalist, Mark Foster of Foster The People posted an essay on the band's website about reflecting on the pause during the COVID-19 crisis. He provides us with the details of hope that if we all come together we can overcome what is being thrown at us. The essay was concluded with the release of "It's Ok To Be Human". The song is simply yet another point of reassurance during this time.

Foster describes the current times remind us of our humanity and the basic needs we need to achieve to be human. The new track is a sweet, vivid picture that sometimes we just need to settle down and be human - just breathe, eat and drink your food, and maintain a consistent environment and all will be fine in the end.

Listen to all of this week's highlighted new releases and more by checking out this playlist.

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