What I Wish Our Candidates Sounded Like: Doris For 2020
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What I Wish Our Candidates Sounded Like: Doris For 2020

A lot is at risk this Presidential election. But even more is at risk if we stop talking about the issues so I decided to write a presidential speech of my own and talk about them.

What I Wish Our Candidates Sounded Like: Doris For 2020

Since the early civil rights movement, progress has revolved around integration. The “separate but equal” slogan is but a thing of the past. No longer is our nation plagued by “colored” or “whites only” signs at every water fountain and section of public buildings. Life in America is the epitome of integration, of our schools, to the job sector and even marriage. We’re considered the melting pot of the world, a rainbow of cultures. You all elected a queer latina as president, so equality must have been achieved, right? Wrong. As illustrated by contemporary racial conflicts in Ferguson, the denial of marriage licenses, and various events all over the United States, discrimination still exists and progress is still to be made.

The America founded by our forefathers was not one based on the values of Dr. King. Our constitution was written while blacks remained enslaved, “all men” referred to white privileged landowners and life in America today is the backlash. The last documented lynching of an African American was well over 50 years ago, however public executions today are portrayed in a much different manner. Similar to the racial conflicts prophesied by Malcolm X, 50 years after his death, today’s America is not an equal America and racism has not ended. Oppression of African Americans comes in all shapes and disguises. New York, the city that never sleeps, modern, liberal and welcoming to all. The same city resounding with the phrase “I can’t breathe” as we reminisce on the public execution of Eric Garner. His last words said 11 times and captured on two separate cameras while being put into a banned chokehold during an arrest for selling untaxed, “loosie” cigarettes. Garner is gone forever, while the officer walks free. Not to mention the Michael Brown assassination in Ferguson, Missouri, and equally disappointing verdict. Is a badge a free pass for murder? It’s the current justice system that continuously sets free the perpetrators, demonstrating the lack of value placed on black lives. The lists of Eric’s and Michael’s, gunned down unarmed grows daily. “Equal” citizens do not feel safe in their own neighborhoods, or from the “thin blue line” that is supposed to be here to protect.

The first step toward equality is the acceptance of a lack of it. Recent Supreme Court opinions on the end of racism illustrate the backward trend the country is currently headed in, spearheaded by an older generation. Hope lies within the hands of the young, the next generation of politicians and professionals. Recent rallies organized profits in high schools and universities across the country have shown true potential for the nation. What seems like a 360-degree spin is required to achieve equality; improvements in education, the redefinition of our entire legal system and a change of attitude (just to name a few). The road ahead is rocky, and will not be easy. One step at a time progress can be made as long as we keep the end goal in mind.

Our current state of disorder and injustice is the effect of a nation built on racist values. The civil rights fight towards equality for Americans is far from over. Integration, in all shapes and forms, were the goals of Dr. King sixty years ago. Today’s picture is all about achieving justice. Drastic measures and a change of mindset are required to achieve this. It will not be an easy task, but America was in a worse place in the past. A handful of visionaries can lead the movement, will you be a part of it? Run for office, lead a rally or simply vote.

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