'Tis the season—campaign season, that is. 2015 may have been a big year for the 2016 presidency candidates, but it's also been a big year for emojis everywhere. New updates brought us a taco, champagne bottle, and even the long-awaited middle finger.

We're still months away from official nominations, and there are still a lot of people to keep track of. Much like the senior superlative list, what we all need is a good-spirited, not-to-be-taken-seriously list of the presidential candidates and their favorite emojis to help us remember who's who.

Ben Carson

Ben Carson's favorite emoji would likely be the hand raised in defiance. Why? Because he's intolerant, of course!

Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders' favorite emoji would be the balding old white guy for obvious reasons.

Carly Fiorina

The computer—obviously—because all she ever talks about was the time she was the CEO of HP.

Chris Christie

The football—he wants everyone he texts to know that he's always down to fly to Cowboys games and spend $82,000 in taxpayer dollars on concessions!

Donald Trump

Mr. Trump probably doesn't use emojis anymore after the update that allowed you to make the skin color anything but white. But if he did, it would probably be the hammer, because he's all about building a wall.

Hillary Clinton

The snail mail mailbox because she's never using email again.

Jeb Bush

The two boys holding hands so that no one ever forgets his brother George Bush was president.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio's favorite? The hatching chick because it's kind of cute and a little bit confrontational, just like he is.

Martin O'Malley

The SOS sign because he's barely hanging on.

Rand Paul

Probably the gun since he love love loves the second amendment!

Ted Cruz

Definitely the tea cup because tea party, duh.

Hopefully, one of these candidates can bring our great nation as much joy as the taco emoji did.