What The Presidential Election Is Like For Teenagers
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What The Presidential Election Is Like For Teenagers

We weren't able to vote but that doesn't mean teenagers didn't have a say or were part of this election.

What The Presidential Election Is Like For Teenagers

Now that the 2016 Presidential Election is over many Americans are happy with the result and others not so much. This article isn't about my personal beliefs, values, or political opinions. This article is about what it is like for teenagers during a presidential election, coming from one.

Adults vs. 17 and Under

"You don't know what you are talking about", "You are too young to have a political opinion", "Your opinion doesn't affect anything." Those are quotes that I and along with thousands of other teenagers hear any time we try and talk politics. Yes, we are younger and don't have as much experience in the world as you adults do, but most of us have done research and therefore have formed our opinions. In that case yes, we do know what we are talking about. I get that technically since we can't vote our opinion really won't change any of the results, but depending on our age we might be able to vote in the next election which in that case it is good for us to get a head start on certain policies, laws, and politicians. Someone's age doesn't decide if they are less or more intelligent than you.

The Media

Yes, I will admit the media has a lot to do with teenagers views on politics; it definitely had to do with mine. You see all of your friends on Twitter saying they are going for the old socialist who is going to make college free, you might as well go for him too! You despise a certain candidate because he is the "zodiac killer." (If you understand that joke we are automatically friends) I live in a generation where we make certain decisions based on others decisions as well. Sometimes people just follow what others are doing and posting before looking into that candidate's values, policies, and achievements. Not all of us teenagers don't do research but I will admit at the beginning of this election I didn't do ANY research on any of the candidates I just retweeted stuff on twitter. It isn't just social media that can affect a teenagers political views; the news has so much to do with it as well. The news was either talking about Hillary's emails or Trump's sexist comments, I barely heard about either of their actual political beliefs on the news. The news only shows half of a situation. Yes, I did end up doing my research and forming my opinion.

Our Family

No matter what, we all love our family but sometimes their personal and political beliefs can persuade your political beliefs as well. Many of you are who are raised around Republicans will end up thinking Republican and many of you who are raised around Democrats will end up thinking Democrat. There is nothing wrong with that statement it is just how the chips fall. To the people that the statement doesn't apply to you, good for you. My family is very open to everyone having different opinions and still loving each other which I am very thankful for, to the people who families aren't exactly as open it makes it harder for teens to change their views due to their families ridicule.

Everyone might not have liked the outcome or the way we got here but no matter your age; teenager or adult you know this election sure was iconic...

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