9 Gifts To Get Your Favorite Nursing Students That Will Make Their Clinical Days A Lot Easier
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9 Gifts To Get Your Favorite Nursing Students That Will Make Their Clinical Days A Lot Easier

Are you trying to figure out a good present for you nursing friends? Well then you've come to the right place!

9 Gifts To Get Your Favorite Nursing Students That Will Make Their Clinical Days A Lot Easier

This is my first semester as a nursing student, and coming straight out of high school to the crazy college life has been fun yet very stressful.

Recently I was talking to some friends about holidays and birthdays coming up, and many of the things that came up were to do with nursing and preparing for school.

This is a list of the best gifts to get your nursing friends.

A Gift Basket


Now I bet your next question is what do I put in this gift basket? First I would add candy, popcorn, or some kind of snack because let me tell you those late night study sessions and long lectures are not fun, especially without fuel to the body.

mugs, coffee, hot coco, chocolate/candy, snacks (like popcorn and chips), even fun little decorations to make their room cuter.

If you want to be a really good friend/ family member, you can add a gift card or money to help them out a little. You can put all of these things in a cute little basket from Walmart and add a bow on top, I promise they will appreciate it.

Gift Cards

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

There are so many places to get gift cards now, anything from Starbucks to a VISA card. You can have so much fun with this and create a gift card structure or write individual notes for the gifts cards you get. I know I have personally received Starbucks, iTunes, Walmart, VISA, and food cards and honestly they have saved me in times I never thought I would need them.

A Massage Certificate/ Spa Day


Who couldn't use a spa day? Just let them relax and workout all of that stress they are feeling. They will thank you for a long time, this will be a thing they use at the most stressful times of the year (however there is definitely more than one).



Everyone needs money, and nursing students are no exception to that. We need money for groceries, school supplies, clothes and to take breaks and do things too.

I can tell you the majority of nursing students do not have jobs or are very part-time jobs because they just do not have time to work.

This money really will be used and appreciated more than you know. I'm not saying pull $500 out of your bank account but $30 will help a great amount.

Take them out to somewhere fun

Photo by Adam Whitlock on Unsplash

Now I know some people who would rather have you pay for lunch or go out to the movies and have some real bonding time. Nursing students do not have a ton of time of their hands when they're not studying or learning so really take advantage of it.

For Fall I'd say take them to a pumpkin patch, and out to coffee.

For Winter make hot chocolate, do arts and crafts, and watch movies while baking cookies.

For Spring color easter eggs, go to a festival (art, music), go to a farmers market, or just spend time outside.

For Summer, go to a waterpark, swim, go to the beach, or if they do not like water go on a picnic, walk or even go camping.

This time may be more fun and valuable than anything you can get them for these holidays.

Scrub Cheats/ Reference Guides


These really are cheat sheets to college and nursing majors. For studying, referenceing, and all other needs these are life savers. I promise they will help and be appreciated.

Nursing Student Toolbox

Photo by Wendy Scofield on Unsplash

Below is a list of items you can put in a Nursing Toolbox, unlike the gift basket these things won't be "as fun".

Tissues, notebooks, pens, highlighters, index cards (lots of them!!), hand sanitizers, Advil, gloves,

Scrub Gift Card

Photo by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

Every nursing, pre-med, EMT, etc. student needs scrubs. Not to mention every other health care professional working or in school learning.

Many of you do not need scrubs or have been to a scrub store to see how expensive they are. Many schools require students to wear a certain color or brand and those are normally expensive.

If you thought your $30 Brandy Melville crop top was expensive, try buying a $37 scrub shirt and $44 scrub pant every year (because let's be honest everyone grows/shrinks every year).

And don't even get me started on the $50-$80 scrub jackets!! I promise, donate to your friend's scrub budget and they will love you forever.

Combine some of these


Obviously every person is different and some will appreciate some of these things more than others, so when shopping for that friend think about what they talk/complain about and what will benefit (sometimes it's not about the money).

Combine a candy basket with the Penlight, or the spa day with some quality time!

Although some of these are very basic they will go a long way. I can promise you if you are getting them a gift in the first place they will be very grateful.

I hope this was helpful and they enjoy any ideas that you can come up with yourself as well.

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