How To Prepare For A Roommate When You Suffer From Only Child Syndrome
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Student Life

How To Prepare For A Roommate When You Suffer From Only Child Syndrome

Never in a thousand years would I have dreamed I'd one day be over thankful for something as simple as personal space.

How To Prepare For A Roommate When You Suffer From Only Child Syndrome
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Being an only child definitely has its perks. From your own room to your own bathroom, you never really had to grasp the whole "sharing is caring" concept. Coming to college really makes you appreciate what was once your accustomed norms. Never in a thousand years would I have dreamed I'd one day be over thankful for something as simple as personal space. The adjustment to roommate life is definitely a struggle none of the only child population prepared for.

Typically your freshmen year consists of a suite-style dorm room, where you not only share a bedroom with one person, but also a bathroom with not one, but FOUR people. I know, just the sound of it is enough to make you shudder.

But have no fear! I am here to give you all the advice you need on how to prepare for the roommate life when you suffer from the dreaded only child syndrome.

First of all, this is the one time in your life you're going to need to sit down and think, how much of this stuff do I really use. Believe me, you really do not need to bring all of your decorative throw pillows to college.

I think the biggest scare of them all is the dreaded shared closet space.

Going to school in Florida makes this even more difficult. Most college students can pack their jeans and sweaters for the fall semester, and their sundresses and shorts for spring. But oh, no not here in Florida where it is 95 degrees almost year round. The time has finally come where you actually have to go through the endless supply of t-shirts you've accumulated over the past four years. When packing your clothes, keep in mind you get 3 dresser drawers and about 3 feet of closet space, so make sure to ask yourself "how many pairs of Nikes do I really need?"

The next shared space is the bathroom. Keep in mind there is going to be four of you. And counter space is limited. Shower caddy's and wheeled bathroom carts will quickly become your best friend. Your endless supply of headbands and hair products will finally get to see the light of day, and by that, I mean the trash can. Time to throw out the hair gels, and hairsprays you've been hoarding since the eighth grade.

Finally, time to kiss your alone time goodbye. Your private escape to your bedroom where you can get some peace and quiet is long gone. You're lucky if you can squeeze in a couple hours while your roommates in class, or at the gym. Now is the time where you start jogging or going to the sixth floor of the library just to be alone.

Though it will take some adjustment, and reloading your parent's car with the stuff you thought you had room for, the roommate life isn't so bad. Hopefully, you guys will get along, and it will be like having the sibling you never had. You finally have someone to come home and vent to, and someone to do everything with. Though the only child life has it's perks, having someone to do life with really is worth the shared closet space.

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