Spray tan streaking prevention tactics

12 Things You Need To Do Before You Get A Spray Tan

If you don't want your spray tan to look like Ross Geller's, please follow carefully.


For those of us who can't seem to get tan from simply laying out in the sun or don't have the time to, spray tans are a great option to keep that fresh summer glow all year round.

Follow these ~tips~ to help make your spray tan last longer and look better.

1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Before you go to get your spray tan, make sure to seriously exfoliate your body! If you don't exfoliate then the pieces of dead skin that on your body will eventually fall off and take the spray tan with it. Your tan will be patchy and won't look smooth.

2. Shave.

Be sure to shave your legs and armpits before you get your tan. If you wait to shave until after the tan you will literally shave your spray tan off. Also, being freshly shaved will help make your tan look smoother!

3. DON'T wear deodorant to your appointment.

I know this sounds disgusting, but it seriously makes a difference. If you wear deodorant to the appointment then the spray applied to that area will be washed off with your deodorant. You can put it on after the spray tan, just wait!

4. Wear loose clothes to your appointment.

Don't wear a bra to your appointment! Wear a baggy t-shirt and loose, baggy shorts. This way the clothes don't rub the spray tan off before it completely dries. Wear these loose clothes for around 6 more hours.

5. Don't wear makeup.

I have made this mistake once and I cannot tell people enough, please don't wear makeup to this. The spray tan will not fully set on your face the way it will set on your body. When you go to take your make up off, you will take the spray tan off with it. So, don't wear makeup because you will end up with a white face and tan body.

6. Use the lotion 

At spray tan places they typically have blending lotion to put on your finger/toes to help blend the edges of the spray tan. This will help make the lines on your fingers and toes look less obvious and therefore make your spray tan more natural.

7. Don't get the spray tan wet 

If it is raining, make sure you have an umbrella! Don't take a shower for the first 6-9 hours! Don't wash the dishes tonight! If you get even a drop of water on your spray before it completely dries (it takes about 6-9 hours to completely dry) it WILL take the spray off and you will have a white spot.

8. Go at night, then sleep in it.

The best way to avoid all of the "what went wrongs" of spray tans is to shower, then go at night, then come home and sleep in the tan and bathe again in the morning.

9. When bathing afterwards, don't scrub.

When you're showering in the morning, or 6-9 hours later, do not scrub your body because you will scrub the tan off. Even once the tan is dry you can still manage to scrub it off.

10. Pat dry after showers. 

After you take your shower be sure to pat yourself dry. Do this after every shower for a week, or until your spray tan is gone.

11. Keep moisturizing. 

Every night after your shower be sure to put lotion on. Keeping your tan moisturized will make the tan last longer.

12. Get your nails done before.

If you are getting a spray tan for a formal or other special event get your nails done before the spray tan! The spray tan won't mess up your mani/pedi!


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Lipstick Colors Darker Skin Women Slay

Different lipstick colors that compliments darker skin women

When it comes to lipsticks, it's hard finding the right colors. Especially when you have a darker skin tone women. When you have a darker skin tone, it's hard trying to find the right lipstick color that won't make you look "crazy" so to speak. Picking the right lipstick color is very important. it's important to pick the right lipstick color because you always want to wear lipstick color that compliments your skin tone. Some lipstick colors look better on others. You have to know which colors look right on you and ones that compliment your skin tone as well. Here are 5 lipstick colors that will compliment darker skin tones.

1. Nudes

Nude color lipsticks are always a plus. Nude colors compliments darker skin tones. Nude colors is also the lipstick color for fall. When it comes to nude lipsticks, you can never go wrong. Nude lipstick colors looks good on all skin tones, especially darker skin tones. Nude lipstick colors are the most popular colors for darker skin women, especially for the fall.

2. Brown/dark brown

When it comes to lipstick colors, you can never go wrong with a brown color lipstick or a dark brown. Brown lipstick colors are a bit darker than nude colors. But, are also popular as well. Brown lipstick color is another popular color for darker skin women as well. Brown colored lipstick compliments darker skin women. You can never go wrong with a brown colored lipstick. Both gloss and matte brown colored lipstick or lip gloss is the way to go. You can even mix your nude lipstick with a dark colored brown and make entirely new color.

3. Red

Fire red is another popular lipstick color. You can never go wrong with a bright red or a fire truck red. Red lipstick compliments darker skin tones. Red lipstick is another popular color for the fall. Red lipstick is one of the boldest color there is. There are so many different kinds of red. The most popular red is bright red and orange-red lipstick. Red is one color that every skin tone looks good wearing. Red lipstick is a classic lip color to wear, especially when going out on the town.

4. Dark colors

Another popular trend is dark lipstick colors. Dark lipstick colors are great for the fall as well. Dark lipstick colors compliment darker skin colors as well. You can't go wrong with a dark lip. I noticed dark lips on the NYFW runway as well. A lot of models were wearing dark lipstick.

5. "Out of the box" colors

Out of the box lipstick colors are colors that you wouldn't normally wear everyday like a nude color or a dark brown color. Out of the box colors can we worn on any skin tone, you just have to get the right shade. For darker skin tones, these "out of the box" colors can look different from your everyday lip shade. But, these "out of the box" colors are popular especially during the fall and on darker skin women as well.

Thank you for reading my article this week!

Cover Image Credit: pintrest.com

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I Stopped Wearing Makeup For A Week And Here's What I Realized

Our insecurities will make us confident.


I've always been the girl who was super into makeup, it truly was a love of mine. However, a couple of weeks ago I realized this love was actually just an insecure crutch of mine if my face wasn't beat I wouldn't leave the house.

I would put on a full face just to drive to the gas station for a soda. I sat in front of the mirror to come to terms with why I thought I could not leave without all the product on my face and simply enough it came down to me thinking it was not acceptable.

I don't have the perfect skin, I have uneven tones, millions of freckles I had to hide, short eyelashes, and breakouts. Although during that self-examination, I decided it was about time I started practicing self-love and one major way I could work on it was by giving up makeup for a period of time.

I will admit at first giving up makeup was hard for me. At the very least I wanted to cave and use concealer and mascara, especially when I went to work. When I walked into my first shift I was given comments such as looking tired, sick, hot (temperature wise), and simply different.

Never comment on how a girl looks when she's not wearing makeup unless you're telling her she looks beautiful because 9/10 times your comment can be offensive.

Another big struggle I had was how the guy I was interested in would react. I honestly had the idea in my head that if I was not wearing makeup that for some reason he would lose interest in me, looks were everything I thought.

In reality, he didn't even really notice until my freckles popped out, all I got was compliments from it.

Within the first couple of days, after I stopped wearing makeup, I realized my face began to clear up even faster than normal and softer. I came to the realization that my uneven skin tone just makes me look like I'm wearing a little blush, just a little extra color.

Lastly, I noticed how wrong I was to hate on the freckles that I had. I may not have chosen to have them, but this week opened my eyes up to how many other people had them as well as how much I needed to embrace and love having them.

My skin may not be perfect, but I love it and ever since taking this week break I only wear makeup (minimal amounts too) when I go out to the club or special events. I love my "caked" face, but I love my natural look just as much now and the amount of self-love and confidence I gained in myself is ginormous. I wish I would have done this sooner.

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