Yes, It's Possible To Have Pre-Senior Senioritis

Yes, It's Possible To Have Pre-Senior Senioritis

Feeling unmotivated? Do you frequent the idea of skipping class? Does summer sound too far away? You may have pre-senior senioritis.

If your will to survive academically is thinning, don't worry, you're not alone. Your desire to graduate prematurely, solely for the sake of not having to turn in an assignment ever again, is extremely common.

You have Pre-Senior Senioritis.

How did you get here? Well, there's no known cause, but some report over-assigned work, lack of productivity time, and limited room in the brain for more knowledge.

Although it's a common diagnosis, there are ways to battle this severe form of senioritis:

The faster you pass all of your classes, the faster you'll graduate.

No one wants to experience two junior years all because they were absent too many times and had to take a class over again.

No matter how unmotivated you may be, think of the reward. Most classes don't allow more than two unexcused absences, so make sure you look at the syllabus so you don't get points taken off of your final grade.

College costs a lot of money

Many of us are breaking our bank accounts, doing the most to pay for classes... so don't pay for more than you have to!

The high cost of tuition should be motivation enough for you to keep up with your work. Just think about all of the money you're wasting for every hour you procrastinate. Usually, for every credit you take there should be an equal amount of hours taken to study for that class or to do work. For example, if you're taking a three credit hour course, you should spend three hours a week or more completing work for said class.

Make your friends and family proud.

Everyone has some kind of tight-nit group of supporters cheering them on during their collegiate career. When the going gets tough, this is the group of people who you go to for advice, venting, comfort and support.

So make them proud! They want nothing more than to see you walk across that stage at graduation.

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