Pre-Championship Picks: PGA Championship
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Pre-Championship Picks: PGA Championship

Time for some more prediction picks!

Pre-Championship Picks: PGA Championship

Need some educated picks for the upcoming PGA Championship? I got you, fam. No introduction needed, here are some picks you need to be paying attention to!

Trending Up: Tiger Woods

Big Cat is officially back, and after winning his 15th major at Augusta National, he's out for a back to back at Bethpage Black, where he literally swept the field the last time he was there. He decided not to play a tournament in-between the two majors, so we'll see how this works for Tiger, but he is my top pick heading into Bethpage.

Trending Up: Brooks Koepka

Never count Brooks Koepka out when it comes to majors, and a golf course that is a long bombers heaven, Brooks has the chance to repeat as the PGA Champion. He has a good amount of people, along with a trending Tiger Woods, to get past, but I also like his chances.

Trending Up: Rory Mcilroy

Rory is having one heck of a season, notching Top 10's in almost every start he's had in 2018-2019, and that win in the Player's Championship. Although he didn't win the Masters, the now 30 year old Mcilroy has a good chance to win another major at the bomber's paradise at Bethpage Black.

Trending Down: Justin Thomas

Although JT's game is perfect for Bethpage Black, I would not pick him this week since he had to withdraw from the Wells Fargo Championship due to an injury. I hope he can prove me wrong at the PGA Championship, but for now, I am not convinced he will be winning.

Trending Down: Jordan Spieth

Spieth needs the PGA championship to capture the grand slam, but where his game at right now is a little suspect. Majors is where he usually finds himself anyways, but as punishing as Bethpage is, I don't like his chances, but I hope he proves me wrong.

Trending Down: Justin Rose

Justin Rose is always in contention at any tournament he plays in, but unfortunately, he too makes makes my trending down list only because of the performance at Augusta. Will he bounce back at the PGA? My guess says no, but we never know with good ole Rosie.

Darkhorse Pick: Dustin Johnson

You'd think Dustin Johnson would be a more popular pick for this bomber paradise of a PGA Championship, but after his performance at the Heritage, I am kind of questioning if he will play well at Bethpage Black, so he will be flying under the radar during this tournament, we'll see what happens.

Darkhorse Pick: Rickie Fowler

Already a winner this season, Fowler is still looking good to make a charge at another major, his time will come, but will it be at Bethpage? We'll have to wait and see.

Darkhorse Pick: Jon Rahm

I have never seen anyone with such a complete game at such a young age until I saw Jon Rahm for the 1st time, yes Tiger is the obvious answer, but different story here. Jon's 1st major could come here at Bethpage this week, and it sets up perfectly for him, but we'll see if he can keep his emotions in check.

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