The Power Of Completion
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The Power Of Completion

Confronting unresolved relationships in your life takes time and patience, but is well worth it.

The Power Of Completion
Harvest Bible College

It wasn't until college where I realized that I have loose ends with people. Whether I stopped talking to somebody randomly, a relationship ended, my friend moved away, I found myself getting lost in conscious and subconscious thoughts due to having loose ends with people, unfinished endings, no closure, no resolutions. After practicing the art of meditation and sitting still with just me, my mind, and I, I noticed I would feel incomplete in a way. It made sense, I had important people in my past that stopped being in my present abruptly and it didn't feel complete. It felt just as a loose end would, unreliable, uncomfortable, and a little hesitant. I made a decision to consciously confront my unresolved relationships in my life. It is challenging and it takes time and patience, but when you make the effort to eventually get to that part in your life, you will see these six beautiful benefits flourish in your life.

1. You will sort the jumble out.

It takes practice and patience to sit with your mind. Your mind will sometimes be still and sometimes be hectic. Don't fight it, just sit with it. You have to allow your thoughts to just flow, instead of judging them and trying to stop them. You will notice that these unsettled relationships effect your communication skills, intimacy, trust issues, etc. When you resolve these conflicts and not leave yourself dangling on the edge, things will become clearer in your mind. You won't feel as confused. Your brain won't feel like a constant word salad.

2. You prevent future unconscious thoughts to mess with you.

Whether you know it or not, these unresolved relationships are effecting you in every situation- new relationships you form, old relationships you're still holding onto, personal development, reminiscing on the past. It can leave you confused and uncomfortable. It's never a good feeling to end something so abruptly with no communication. It messes with you. Don't allow yourself to add more toxic into your life as you carry old burdens from the past. When you resolve relationships, you will consciously notice all of the negative unconscious thoughts/actions that you were doing.

3. It provides closure and a new beginning.

When we finally find the strength to face these relationships, you will receive closure. Closure helps you move on from the past feelings that weren't confronted. You are honoring what you have had with this person, letting go of the negativity, and starting a beautiful beginning. That beginning could be a start to a new relationship with that person. That beginning could be the end of that relationship with that person. There are a ton of different outcomes that can happen when you confront your past relationships, but you will ALWAYS receive a beautiful new beginning even if it doesn't seem like it at first. It is a blessing in disguise sometimes.

4. What goes around comes back around.

For me personally, I have never been good at confronting my problems. I thought I would get away with just pushing them aside, avoiding them, and pretending that they didn't exist. All this taught me was that life is a full circle. Your unresolved problems will always come back to you. You can run as fast as you can, you can hide anywhere, but these unresolved situations will always find their way back to you. This isn't scary. This is the beauty of life. We are on this Earth to create peaceful endings with people. We are made to let go of the past and create new beautiful beginnings with people. There will be no "perfect time" to confront these relationships, so don't wait. Do it today!

5. You will feel happier, healthier, and stronger.

When you finally build up the strength and nerve to confront your problems, you will really see your true inner strength. There is nothing healthy about avoiding your problems, so please don't put yourself through that. Stop right now, sit with your still mind, and the answers will slowly come to you. You will know exactly what you need to do in order to feel happier. You will be revealed the importance and necessity of fixing these connections with certain people. There's no right or wrong way to resolve these problems, so just do it. Afterwards, you will feel happier, healthier, and stronger. I promise.

6. You let go of your past and start a new future.

When you finally resolve the conflicts in your life with certain people, it's almost as if you are finally letting go of the past. You aren't necessarily letting go of that person, the memories you have made together, or forgetting the past, but you are letting go of the toxic uncertainty it has formed within you. This allows you to grow even more in your future as well, since nothing is holding you back. It is a very refreshing, different, new feeling.

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