10 Reasons Post Malone Is The Most Down-To-Earth Celebrity Out There
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10 Reasons Post Malone Is The Most Down-To-Earth Celebrity Out There

Not only is his music amazing, but he's also such a softie.

10 Reasons Post Malone Is The Most Down-To-Earth Celebrity Out There

With the buzz of his newly released third album, Hollywood's Bleeding, it got me thinking about Posty as a person. He seems like a punk who just swears all the time and has no respect for other people, much like a lot of other rappers. But Mr. Malone, although he is notorious for swearing, is actually just a puppy. He cares about his fans, he has so much respect for other people, and he loves Olive Garden. How much better can he get? Well, look no further, here are 10 reasons why he's basically the softest human out there.

1. His music is amazing

I can say with confidence is he one of my top 5 favorite music artists. His voice is so good and calming that not only has he lulled me to sleep, he's helped me get over panic attacks. So, whether or not we agree on this one, his music can always calm me down and that's pretty amazing.

2. He's hilarious

Post Malone is not afraid to be himself, especially in interviews. He always brings his own humor and sense of self to his interviews. Even watching random videos of him make me laugh and his lyrics can be so savage I laugh at those too.

3. He's only 24 and super successful

He's only two years older than me and is already way more successful than I could dream of. He really put himself out into the world and gave it his all, and it really paid off. He is super successful and has millions of song streams.

4. He went undercover for charity

In order to raise money for suffering veterans, Post went undercover to give away a free Bentley, an iconic car if you listened to his album 'Beerbongs & Bentleys.' He wanted to raise awareness and money and he did what needed to be done.

5. He likes conspiracy theories

I read this on Wikipedia so take it with a grain of salt, but like many of us out there, he enjoys a nice conspiracy theory. I get my fill of these from occasionally watching Shane Dawson, but it sounds like Post does too.

6. He's humble

Other than his luxurious and over-the-top music videos, Post doesn't really flash his money around. I've also rarely seen him wearing anything but jeans and a T-shirt. He sticks to his roots and hasn't given in to the Hollywood glamor yet.

7. He always gives photo creds on Insta

Looking at Post's Instagram, 50% of the time I see his typical caption @adamdegross. This became such a signature for him that T-shirts were made that said this. If that isn't iconic, I don't know what is.

8. His song lyrics relate to normal people

Post has experienced heartbreak, see 'I Fall Apart,' he has gone through hardships and plenty of other things. His music can pump people up, some were written especially for movies, and others are intentionally sad for when you need a good cry. He's versatile in his style, and it works so well.

9. He produces his own music

Not many artists or bands can say that they produce their own music, but Post can. He is a songwriter, singer, and producer. I think that adds to the whole "down-to-earth" persona because many of starting off artists produce their own music too.

10. He's relatable

He started off with a rough youth, many people can say the same, and he just started writing songs and singing. He found his passion and it brought him to fame. It encourages normal people to aim for the same things and to follow their own passions.

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