22 Post Malone ‘beerbongs & bentleys’ Lyrics College Kids Will Use As Insta Captions

22 Post Malone ‘beerbongs & bentleys’ Lyrics College Kids Will Use As Insta Captions

It's here, and it's fire.

If you didn't know, I am really not sure how you wouldn't know, but it's fine, Post Malone's new album FINALLY came out! Posty has time and time again proven that he's a trailblazer in the music industry. His genre is a mix of everything, from rap to acoustic guitar, and he sounds like he's at home in both settings.

Here it is, a list of Post Malone lyrics you'll use or see as Instagram captions. I can already feel it, this summer is Posty's summer –– a summer for "beerbongs & bentleys."

1. "Spoil My Night" - "Won't you come spoil my night?"

2. "Spoil My Night" - "Feelings come into play and I'm thinkin' this happens every time"

3. "Spoil My Night" - "Yeah, when I walk up in a party, they all act like they know me"

4. "Zack and Codeine" - "Been livin' fast, no I can't take it slowly"

5. "Zack and Codeine" - "But it don't mean nothing without all my people"

6. "Zack and Codeine" - "Pour that drink 'cause we ain't sleepin' tonight"

7. "Takin Shots" - "Heard that there's a party, I might pay a visit"

8. "Takin Shots" - "Baby, just for the night, you my soulmate"

9. "Over Now" - "I'ma turn the tables, promise you will not forget it"

10. "Stay" - "Damn, who are we right now?"

11. "Blame It On Me" - "These hurricanes inside of my brain"

12. "Same Bitches" - "Bottles on deck, and my drink full"

13. "Same Bitches" - "Population four million, how I see the same bitches?"

14. "Jonestown" - "It happens every time"

15. "92 Explorer" - "She in the front seat head bangin'"

16. "Sugar Wraith" - "And then I went and changed my life"

17. "Sugar Wraith" - "I take the lead, they just follow"

18. "Rockstar" - "Sayin, 'I'm with the band'"

19. "Rockstar" - "Livin’ like a Rockstar, I’m livin’ like a Rockstar"

20. "Rockstar" - "Sweeter than a Pop-Tart”

21. "Psycho" - "Can’t really trust nobody with all this jewelry on you"

22. "Psycho" - "I got homies, let it go"

Cover Image Credit: Post Malone // Instagram

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Hi, welcome to Chili's!

Not to be dramatic, but the Vine app was the best thing to ever happen to me.

The Vine app truly understood me and my extremely odd sense of humor. When it was shut down, I felt like a part of me shut down with it. Luckily, I still have the ability to reflect on the good times that I had with Vine. Although there aren't any new Vine videos keeping my spirit alive, the Vine videos from the past are enough to keep me going.

This is way overdue, but here are the 100 best Vines to ever exist (in no particular order).

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29. ifyoulikemakingloveatmidnight.

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39. You can't kill me.

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42. No matter when you pause this one, it's hilarious.

43. I don't even understand this one.

44. I dropped my hot pocket.

45. I thought you were American.

46. I can't swim.

47. I wanna be a cowboy.

48. I look like Mona Lisa.

49. Look at this graph.

50. Yungman.

51. Squidward dabbing

52. Living with Nicholas Cage.

53. If Tinder had video profiles.

54. Why you always lying.

55. Chicken wing ch-chi-chicken wing.

56. Uh my chicle.

57. Love the Nickleback version.

58. Any excuse to nae nae.

59. I want to be famous.

60. That's my opinion.

61. There she goes.

62. I have to restart my potatoes.

63. And they don't stop coming.

64. Cat horn.

65. Who is she.

66. The bob.

67. Summertime.

68. Do I look like.

69. Nice Ron.

70. Mom hearing 'Only' by Nicki Minaj for the first time.

71. Happy fourth of July.

72. I'm washing me and my clothes.

73. Nickel the creatorback.

74. Give me your money.

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81. Extreme makeover home edition.

82. They were roommates.

83. White girl trying to remember the day she was born.

84. xoxo, gossip girl.

85. Big time rush.

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87. Suicide fairy.

88. Zoey 101 microwave.

89. When you leave your makeup on after a night out.

90. Crazy skateboarding tricks.

91. Noodle head.

92. Under all that makeup.

93. Marriage goals.

94. Boy putting on lipstick.

95. When you walk past your friend's class.

96. Clear elevator jamming.

97. #RunningManChallenge

98. T-T-T-T-Target.

99. We all have a lot of laughs.

100. High school musical.

Honestly, I still can think of 100 more of the greatest vines of all time... but I guess I should stop now.

Cover Image Credit: NY Mag

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6 Of My Favorite Artists Currently Featured On Spotify's 'Are & Be' Playlist (9/24)

If you regularly listen to R&B or not, this playlist has something for you to discover or just enjoy.


As previously mentioned in a past article regarding my favorite music genres, I love R&B.; Naturally, I listen to Spotify's 'Are & Be' playlist quite religiously. Given that this playlist is updated weekly, artists come and go on this playlist. There are some artists who sort of have a 'residency' on this playlist - either because of how many streams they get or their overall popularity with R&B; listeners.

This week, I decided to slow it down a bit and share with you who my favorite R&B; artists are right now!

1. Khalid

I first discovered Khalid in 2016 when "Location," his debut single, was first released. I was instantly captivated by his voice, which is very unique and can be seen as an "acquired taste." I was not let down with his entire first album at all. I found myself liking and genuinely enjoying each song. What I like most about Khalid is that he isn't like the other male R&B artists. He doesn't have this desire to be smooth or suave, like Usher or Ne-Yo. Khalid ultimately offers uniqueness and a new sound.

2. Chloe x Halle

Chloe and Halle started their music career by posting covers and occasionally original songs. They then got discovered by the literal queen herself, Beyoncé, and that's all she wrote. They released their debut album this year, which I must say, is astounding for a debut album. Some of my favorites include "Hi Lo," "The Kids Are Alright," and "Happy Without Me." At only 18 and 20 years old, Chloe and Halle have achieved what most people take their entire lives to achieve.

3. Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko has one of the best voices in the industry. She was first introduced to me when one of my friends played her song "The Worst" for me and I immediately was allured to her voice, her words, and her vibe. Jhené Aiko offers a voice that's both sultry and soothing. Whether you're feeling sad or sexy (or both), you can put on a Jhené Aiko song and you would feel fulfilled.

4. Miguel

On the more Alternative side comes Miguel. Miguel's music has the basis of what R&B is: a deep, slow bass, a catchy hook, and sex appeal. However, he puts his own twist on it by incorporating more rock and funk into it, creating a unique sound. I enjoy Miguel's take on R&B, considering it strays away from the normal "R&B Slow Jam" we are accustomed to. I'm excited to see where Miguel will take R&B and what he will do next.

5. Ella Mai

Ella Mai is a newer artist who has quickly gained popularity with songs like "Boo'd Up," "Naked," and "10,000 Hours." I first learned of Ella Mai when she came up in my "Discover Weekly" playlist on Spotify. With catchy hooks and well-produced tracks, Ella Mai has captured my attention. With several EP's released, she is projected to release a full-length album, which I will be looking forward to listening to.

6. SZA

SZA is easily one of my top five favorite artists. I discovered her more recently when she released her album "Ctrl" in 2017. She was more of an underground artist before this album became popular. She had released three EP's between 2012 and 2014. I immediately fell in love when I first listened to "Ctrl," each song sounding different from the next, yet keeping with a same sultry vibe. She has announced that she will release an EP titled "A," to end the trilogy of EP's to which the other two were named "S" and "Z."

Spotify's "Are & Be" playlist offers a diverse selection of R&B;, ranging from Contemporary R&B; to Alternative R&B.; If you regularly listen to R&B; or not, this playlist has something for you to discover or just enjoy.

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