Post-Election: The Media Led Us Wrong
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Post-Election: The Media Led Us Wrong

How the constant reassurance that there was no chance for Trump to win intensified the emotions post-election.

Post-Election: The Media Led Us Wrong

If you were anything like me watching as the polls rolled in last night, you were heavily shocked. Not only was I expecting Hilary to win, but I was certain it would be a landslide victory. But as the polls rolled in, I became more and more anxious as the numbers swayed and eventually began piling up in Trump's favor.

I won't get into the politics of it, but I will say this: the media (CNN, NBC, ABC) made it out to seem like there was no possible way on God's green earth that Trump would have even the slightest iota of a chance to be president. All the exit polls favored Hilary, all the speculated votes favored Hilary, all the majority favored Hilary. But it was after last night that I learned (the hard way) that the media is a terribly biased source. The polls were obviously wrong, and not a single one gave the slightest lean towards Trump.

As much as bias plays a role into the complete upset last night, it was also heavily due to doubt. Even the people at Fox, strong republicans, and conservatives mostly favoring Trump, didn't think he really had a chance. It seemed almost as if Trump himself was surprised he had won, giving a very mellow and out of the ordinary acceptance speech last night.

As much as Clinton and her campaign claims they knew it would be a hard fight until the very end, it was very obvious that her loss last night came as a surprise. Like mentioned before, because of the media and the constant endorsements of the Obama's, Hilary winning seemed like the only possible outcome.

So unless Trump truly did have an incredible turnout on election day and turned the tide in his favor at this very last second, it seems that the media has played into the emotions of the people which has led us all to be either terrified or overjoyed at the election results, and altogether, a collectively shocked nation.

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