I Asked 21 People What They're Doing After Quarantine Is Lifted
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I Asked 21 People What Their Post-Quarantine Plans Are, And Their Answers Made Me Smile

I can guarantee sex, coffee shops, people watching, and carrot cake eating with friends is on your list, too.

I Asked 21 People What Their Post-Quarantine Plans Are, And Their Answers Made Me Smile
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Let me guess — you're either still sleeping or changing out of your nighttime PJs to your daytime ones? I will say I was in a little rut the other day. I felt like there was nothing to look forward to or have control over while this whole thing is going on.

We all have our little decisions to make though. I decided to add coconut milk creamer to my espresso this morning versus having it as black as my dark circles are right now.

We all miss our shopping trips, frantic school/work morning routines, and going out to a bar and getting that fruity cocktail that we will regret the next morning. I get it — this whole thing kinda blows when we think about activities we cannot do right now. But, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to know what everyone is planning on doing after this has calmed down a little and we have the option to get wine drunk at a club.

21 people told me what fun post-COVID activity they will be engaging in after this sh*t show has blown over.

1. The pool

I truly wish I liked swimming but I hope that chlorine water opens up soon for you.

2. Finally having [our daughter's] first birthday party! 

I cannot imagine how weird it will be to explain everything that went on during her first birthday.

3. Getting to hug my grandma! 

My heart hurt a little when reading this.

4. Seeing my friends and family! 

I will never again refuse a hug from my best friends after this is done.

5. GYM

The only word that has been on my mind for the past 60 days of this nonsense.

6. Having the best belated 21st birthday

Let me tell you I will be taking a shot of tequila for everyone's 21st birthday after this is over.

7. Graduation

I am sorry Zoom graduation will be how you receive your diploma, but I am so proud of you!

8. Going to the mall to touch things and not buy them

Online shopping can take a backseat as soon as Nordstrom lets me wander around looking at purses I can't afford.

9. Playing tennis

Let me bring a tennis racket and see you.

10. I am excited to see how we all appreciate the little things this world has to offer us! I am eager to see how we prove to have the ability to overcome hardships and stay strong together! 

While I'm over here thinking about shopping and the gym, you're thinking of the wonderful big picture. I applaud you, girl.

11. I am excited to go up to Canada to see the boy I'm seeing! It's still new and I think if we can make it through this, we can make it through the distance. 

Mate, let me tell you I give you props for being able to keep a long-distance relationship going. I know I couldn't. #YIKES

12. Hug my grandparents! (With a mask, holding my breath, with gloves and clean clothes on.) 

I do appreciate how cautious you are being because this whole world has gone to sh*t.

13. Have sex, period 

Could not agree with you more, I wish you luck until this is over.

14. Go on a proper date with my quarantine girlfriend 

You go get those cocktails and talk until 4 a.m.! I will be taking a shot for you at the bar next door.

15. Just excited to be back in a busy lifestyle, working towards a goal, being out, and actually living life! 

Living life sounds better than constantly figuring out what Netflix series I need to binge this week.

16. To hang out with you more

I cried a little inside reading this one.

17. To eat carrot cake with my best friends Emmy and Nate

Nothing beats friends and a cream cheese frosting combo.

18. Going to stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Value Village to decorate my new apartment 

I can say I have never missed TJ Maxx's deals more due to my recent online shopping addiction.

19. Looking forward to enjoying live music with like-minded humans who find sheer joy in the experience. I am psyched to road trip for more tattoos and to walk on the Oregon coast again. To go to Pike Place Market and see friends for tacos or coffee. 

I have never seen a perfect summer summed in three sentences before.

20. Driving three hours to meet my new niece who was born during the quarantine! She has brought so much happiness to my family — spoiling her with cuddles and kisses is the first thing I will do! 

Give her a big cuddle from me!

21. Get over my ex and let a stranger tell me how cute I am

Does this stranger have a brother? If so, let me know what stay-at-home is a distant memory.

See, there is a little light in what's going on right now. I know I'll be waking up, going to the gym, grabbing a coffee, and then chilling until I can take shots at a bar.

I hope we can look back in a year and find some happiness that came out of not having to rush around as much or worry about constantly needing plans and social events.

But, until then, I hope you all get to touch clothing, have sex, and enjoy a concert again in the near future!

Stay safe and STAY HOME.

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