21 Life Lessons Every 21-Year-Old Can, And Should, Relate To
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21 Life Lessons Every 21-Year-Old Can, And Should, Relate To

"None but ourselves can free our minds." - Bob Marley

21 Life Lessons Every 21-Year-Old Can, And Should, Relate To
Holland Houghton

1. Appreciate the people who raised you

I'm talking about the people (or person) who may have been blood or not that gave you the stepping stones that lead to figuring out this life.

2. It's OK to learn the hard way.

Trial and error is the building blocks to finding out what works and what doesn't. Things take time, so breath.

3. Always say please and thank you.

We all can always strive to lift others up, all it takes sometimes is a simple recognition that you appreciate them.

4. Be a free spirit.

Follow your heart; nothing more, nothing less.

5. Remember you're that Princess or Prince.

You always deserve to be treated special and with so much love and tenderness.

6. Ask questions.

It never hurts to wonder, questioning the who, what, where, when and whys to life.

7. Read.

Be open to what others have to say, and how they think. Gain brilliance from reflection.

8. You're never too old to be silly.

Life goes by too fast to be serious all the time.

9. Always embrace your imagination.

Everything at one point didn't exist, so let yourself create fantasy into a reality.

10. Don't hold grudges.

When you take the trash out, don't go dumpster diving a week later.

11. Be bold.

You're your own self-advocate in your life. Go out and chase your dreams.

12. Run around barefoot.

Be wild and free.

13. Do your thing.

You're perfect just the way you are, don't let anyone tell you different.

14. Smile.

There's always something to cherish, the bad isn't worth spending time on.

15. Cherish your elders.

Your grandparents' age group won't be around forever, so show them love, listen to their stories, and soak up everything they have to offer.

16. Be brave.

Sometimes there are moments in your life you think will last forever, they won't. So take a deep breath and know there's always going to be better.

17. Keep a journal.

We have so many thoughts constantly buzzing around in our heads all day long, the only way to clear your head is to write them down on paper.

18. Travel.

Meet new people, see new places, seriously, be open to whatever crosses your path that day.

19. Find your passion.

Don't settle for less EVER, you're so much more than that.

20. Let people who love you, love you.

The people who have your back at the end of the day are your people. So please let them in, let them check up on you, let yourself know you deserve all the love they want to give you.

21. Just love this life for all it has to give you.

Good, bad, and everything in between is making you, you. Know you're special and this is gonna be a damn good life if you let it.

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