Every day is a new form of healing; a new layer that my heart sheds. Even when I have nothing to complain about, each day I find myself nitpicking something negative around me. I want to tell my brain to just slow down for a moment. I want my brain to realize that she's in charge of everything. If she's stressed, everything else will be too.

I want my heart to speed up for the right reasons. To get excited over accomplishments, and love, and life. I want my heart to stop stressing over the little things before she ends it all with a dramatic halt.

I want my hands to pick up a pen, and write until they hurt. To do what they love without a second thought because whether it's bad, or great, is only for them to decide. I want my lips to speak only of greatness. To shed light on everything that matters, and everything that needs to be heard. I want my feet to run. I want them to run everywhere, whether it's with holes in their shoes or designer loafers. I want my eyes to see only beauty. To look at everyone they pass with eyes of admiration and happiness, rather than eyes of judgment.

I want positivity to engulf me. I want to breathe it in and wear it like a cape because it's who I'm meant to be. I want to remind people of the sun. Warm, and inviting, and loved. I want to be that shift in my life, and everyone else's. That lasting impression who's words echoes daily in everyone's minds. I want to change not only for myself but for everyone around me. I want a lot of things. I guess I'm just high maintenance.