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Pokemon NO?

Do you really wanna 'catch 'em all?'

Pokemon NO?
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At this point in your life, you’ve most likely heard of the fad that quickly gained popularity, “Pokémon Go” (if you haven’t heard about this addictive app yet, then I advise you stop reading for a hot sec, download it, take a stroll around your neighbor to catch some Pokémon, then come back). "Pokémon Go" has been rapidly downloaded on everyone’s smartphone due to the diverse style of the game.

It’s not a game you can sit down for hours playing – more so, you actually have to get up and walk around to participate in. It is GPS oriented and uses your location to tell you where you can track Pokémon, as well as which Pokémon are nearby. "Pokémon Go" has definitely been gaining the attention of pretty much every age group, but has anyone been paying attention to the negative effects this game may have on society? Of course, while there are undeniably cons of the game, there are also some pros.


  • Teenagers (and younger) are back to being outside and moving around. Even though they’re still using their phone constantly, at least they are getting out there and walking more to find Pokémon. Perhaps "Pokémon Go" is the answer to the end of childhood obesity. I know my little brother is out there every day with his friends either walking around our neighborhood, (and beyond) or biking around just to play the game!
  • Besides the fact that my brother is out there every day playing the game, he is spending more time with his friends instead of with his Play Station. So, yes, you could say that Pokemon Go is a great way to stay socialized.
  • Walking around gets you used to just that — walking around. Say one day you decide to move to a city without a car… boom! You’re set for that. You now know what it’s like to walk around all day without a problem.
  • On the same note, your sense of direction is improving, as the app does use your location and shows you a precise map of where you are at all times.


  • To me, the biggest problem with the app is that it is equivalent to texting and driving when trying to catch Pokémon behind the wheel. There’s not much else to say because we’ve all been lectured on the dangers of texting while driving for most of our lives.
  • And of course, while putting your own life in danger, you’re putting the lives of others in danger. Recently, while driving, I’ve seen drivers hold their phones up with the game running, half staring at the road, and half staring at their phone. So, for my fellow "Pokémon Go" players, let’s look out for players behind the wheel because they probably aren’t looking out for us.
  • While people behind the wheel might not be paying attention, pedestrians might want to take a look out, as well. Since the game became popular, I constantly see players pull over on the side of the road to play — and they don’t even think to look at their surroundings. Their eyes are locked in on the screen and they rarely look up.
  • Still on that note, since no one is paying attention to their surroundings, or looking up for a single second, they could get robbed right on the spot! Someone could come grab your phone right out of your hand, and then what? All that Pokémon catching for nothing?!
  • Sure, you’re getting exercise by walking around to play the game, but you’re still on your phone all the time, which is not the best thing to happen.
  • Being on your phone all the time results in a dead battery faster! Especially since the game uses your location, it just sucks the battery right out of your phone.

My overall point is not to preach against "Pokémon Go" — I’m a player myself. I’m just giving some insight on the potential dangers of gallivanting around on your phone in the middle of the road. So, take this as some advice or awareness. Catch ‘em all (safely)!

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