My dearest heart,

I know you're hurting right now, I can feel it too.

You were gone for so long,

And for what you've been through,

I want to say I'm sorry,

But it wouldn't be true.

You had a great year,

And we had a lot of fun,

So don't hide from your feelings,

Because he wasn't just anyone.

People like him are hard to find,

So stop the tears, straighten up, keep your head,

And be kind.

You loved him once,

And maybe still do,

So let go of your anger,

And we'll get through.

We'll keep a place for him,

Somewhere inside,

Not too big, not too small,

But good enough to keep our pride.

Let's remember the good times,

And reflect on the bad,

But mostly think about

All the fun that you had,

And the love that you felt,

For a true best friend,

Because if you hold on to anger,

We'll just pretend,

That we're over it all,

For the rest of our days,

And that's no way to live,

So let's praise

All the good times

And bad

We both know that really,

There's no need to be sad.

It's for the best for you both,

My little heart and him,

And the future is bright,

Even though it looks grim.

So I'll get the tape and some glue, and we'll fix you right up.

Because remember, this is only our first breakup.

But before we go off to find someone new,

Let's make a promise to ourselves, me and you,

To love ourself first, before anyone,

Because we're both in this for the long run.

When the curtain comes down,

And it's just us two,

I know in my heart,

That I love you.

- Me