I wrote this poem earlier this week while prepping for finals. At first it felt silly, listening to people crying about their classes, but as time went on I understood. I understood that it was going to be a hard time for some, especially those graduating, while some, like myself, are completely out first year, it felt pretty easy.

Our future is whatever we make it to be. While some may say that there is no turning back from the crippling debt students face and the heartbreaking disasters we encounter every day, I say there is a chance to save our world. Instead of continuing to have "thoughts and prayers" it's time to stand up and do something about it.

We tell ourselves one thing.

And one thing only.

That no matter what may happen

In the end, we will always be fine.

But what if we aren't fine?

What if we are still struggling to

Drink from our lips the reality of

This world we are living in?

What if?

What if's are more popular it seems.

While others have what next, we have

What if's.

What if?

What if I don't wake up tomorrow?

What if I don't pass my class?

What if the sun blows up?

What if?

It is a cruel world, yes, but it is not

Completely dark.

We still have the future ahead of us,

And hopefully the right people to help

Change it for the better.

We have made mistake after mistake,

But there is still time to change.

Dear friend, what I am trying to say

Is that no matter what comes tomorrow-

Or the next day...

Or the day after...

Think bright.

Because the future can be bright,

So long as we continue to shine.