Poetry On Odyssey: Emotions


When you're young,

They're more than just "feelings"

They're more physical than that

They're sight, taste, and sound, crushing you in the process.


Clouds your vision with tears

Makes everything taste like ash, like it satiate you

Everything around you goes mute and nothing can reach you

Your eyes burning from tears and your body feels weak.


Focusing on the one thing that angers you

Your throat feels dry from the insufficiency of air

The sound that angered you is repeated in your head on an endless loop

Your body feels like you're on fire and jolt of energy courses through you.


Your eyes darting around out of anxiousness

There's a sick churn in your stomach that you can actually taste

Your hearing becomes amplified, as if your ears are warning you of your surroundings

Your body begins to tremble, like a new born animal.


They can affect every fiber of your being when you're young.

When you grow up you're told to not let them control.

Find a way to clear your vision and focus on what's important.

Don't ruin your appetite on things that can't hurt you.

Turn down the volume and just realize its background noise.

Stand firm and walk tall.

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