Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "Without music, life would be a mistake." I could not agree more with Nietzsche. Music is what makes the world go around. It makes you feel when life makes it hard to breathe.

Dear Music,

You have been there for me when I thought I was all alone.

You are my home away from home.

You seemed to calm me when I did not know that I was upset.

You relieve stress faster than any amount of Xanax ever could.

You felt my problems as I felt them and were not there to judge.

You were crisp yet dull at the same time.

You held me so that I could not fall, as much as I wanted to.

Music, you hold many forms.

You wear many hats, all with different responsibilities.

I am never alone because I hold you and your many voices in my pocket.

You can be deliriously happy and also hellishly angry.

You get stuck in my head and play even though you are not actually there.

I have learned so much from you.

When there are no words within you, you still share your message with the world.

I learn so much from you whether I want to or not.

Music, when I am the creator of you, I feel as if nothing is wrong in the world.

I feel as if I am the most powerful being in all creation and make anything happen.

You suck me in and protect me from all that is harmful.

You are full yet empty.

You are soft and then firm.

You are the embodiment of anger and then hold nothing but joy.

Thank you, Music, for giving me life.

Love, Me

Without music life would be a very large, quiet mistake. Make your life worth it and find the soundtrack of your life.