Poetry On Odyssey: I Trust You
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Poetry On Odyssey: I Trust You

You only live once, go out there and do something that you will be proud of.

Poetry On Odyssey: I Trust You
Mark Jamnik

Poetry can be interpreted in a million different ways. You can read it how it applies to you in your life or you can try to figure out what the author meant. I invite you to first read my poem, come up with your own conclusion, and then read below it to see my explanation.

I trust you

I trust you

I just want you

To take care of me.

Your dreams are worthy

Your efforts are respectful

But you still need to

Be pushed past your boundaries.

It might take a year

It might take two

I just want you to know

No matter the journey

I trust you

I trust you

Like I said, people can interpret works of art in many different ways (and that's perfectly okay). If I were to be reading this by another author, I would assume that the author wrote this about someone in particular. I, myself, would probably relate this poem to someone in my life.

I wrote this poem about myself. I am the person I am talking to and thinking about in this poem. This poem is something I am saying to myself in my head. I have always made rash decisions and have decided to take risks without fully realizing where that can eventually lead me but I end up trusting myself anyways.

I always trust the process and know that I can't get to where I want to be all at once. Sometimes it takes mistakes to realize your true potential or your true calling in life. Sometimes you need to experience something you're not ready for in order to step out of your comfort zone and have it push you to actually make an effort.

I've been told that my dreams are never going to happen. I've been told that I should shoot for something "more realistic" or "more worthy" of my time. What's important to me is what I will work on. I am living my life for myself, not for anyone else. I am ready to get in front of whatever obstacle is in my path and show it who's boss.

I can't be afraid of change. Change is good. I believe that God makes your uncomfortable so he can teach you a lesson and help you build yourself. If you're uncomfortable with where you are in life then that should be motivation to build you up to the person you want to be.

Forget everyone who tries to tell you that you can't do it. If it means a lot to you, GO FOR IT. Trust yourself. Trust that one day, soon enough, you will be enjoying the fruit of your labor. Just don't forget to take care of yourself in the process. Do whatever it is that you want to do but please be responsible and make sure you are healthy and well. Imagine all the people who have achieved what they or someone they knew thought was impossible. They defied the odds and came out on top. You only live once, go out there and do something that you will be proud of.

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