Inspired by Twenty-One Pilots's, Guns For Hands.

This is a short poem that I wrote in response to Twenty-One Pilot's song, Guns For Hands. It was originally written for a creative writing class that I took earlier on in the year. It uses a lot of different poetry devices that we learned in the class. The original poem, however, had a very different format, but that didn't look quite as good in blog format.

I'm trying. But

It's hard. The world

Is a mons-

-ter. I'm

Trying. But

It's useless. Noth-

-ing Matters. I'm

Trying. But

It's not there. Hope

has faded. I'm

Trying. But I

Can't remember.

I'm trying

To sleep.

But I Can't…

When you all have

Guns For Hands