Poetry On Odyssey: I Always Lose My Rings

I thought I lost you in the wet pavement,

when I jumped out the car. I tried to keep

up with the pace of the rain and to remain

underneath your umbrella cause I knew I'd

find you somewhere in the lot. I walked

inside with no worry of being able to

find you. When I ran back to the car, I

became dizzy in the pattern of paved little

stones on the ground. I thought you wouldn't

blend in with the rest of the floor, and the rain

kept pouncing on my skin while the wind blew

the soak into my face. I could no longer look for

you because I knew I could always find another

one similar to you, so I jumped into the car and

drove away.

Days later…

We were driving in the car, and someone said,

"Did you leave this in the car?"

It was you.

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