Poetry On Odyssey: Beauty In Brokenness

A shell

Of perfection for protection

From the brokenness of life

A shield

of flawless action

To protect from the daggers of rejection

A smile

Of every thing is great

To protect from hardness of sorrow

The shell is fragile, the shield has holes, and the smile gets old. And once they come crashing down, your humanity stands alone.

The humanity of feeling broken

The humanity of longing love

The humanity of craving connection

The humanity of realizing we are not made for this world,

We could never be filled by its fraud promises.

Dare to crack your shell, put down your shield, and say you're not okay.

Put aside the things you cover the rawness of life with, the earthly things you try to fill your life with.

Because in that you are admitting to your humanity.

You are realizing that you will never win the war of this world.

But there is power in uniting yourself to the brokenness of others

instead of fighting for the facade that covers your flaws.

Always remember the good race ends in a place

Where we won't need protection

Because we will have eternal acceptance.

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