Most of you may be familiar with Rupi Kaur’s collection of poetry, “Milk and Honey.” Well, another one of her poetry books have been a great read and a must share! “The Sun and Her Flowers” much like her other book are split into different parts: wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming. This book is about the journey of love and all the feelings you go through as well as learning to empower yourself through it all.

Everything Kaur said in this book, I related on a spiritual level, even if I haven’t experienced those emotions myself. Her words and art are beautifully thrown together in this wonderful book! “The Sun and Her Flowers” makes you feel feelings you haven’t and teaches you lessons you need to learn. If you haven’t already, give “Milk and Honey” a try as well because I’m a very big fan of her work and the messages they portray.

Here are some poems from the book that I believe people must read because it may retake your life as a woman or just anyone who relates:

1. You are unstoppable once you realize you don't need anyone but yourself

2. For once, look at life through your eyes, not a lens

3. Be patient

4. It's good to have goals, and it's even better to want to keep trying again if you fail

5. Be around people that make you happy and make you a better person

6. Quit comparing yourself to others, you are who you are and where you should be

7. Know not everyone is there for you for good reasons, pick the right ones

8. Remember your roots

9. Don't let others define what beauty means for you

10. You go through the bad before you get to the good

11. It's not selfish or shallow

12. Stay humble and kind

Hopefully, I didn’t spoil it too much for you and if you do choose to read it, you love it as much as I do because there are wonderful messages.