A few months back I wrote an article about my favorite books of poems, and since then I realized that those aren't my only favorites. So with April being National Poetry Month, here are 16 poem book recommendations.

1. "planting gardens in graves" (r.h. Sin)

2. "yesterday i was the moon" (noor unnahar)

3 "chasers of the light" (Tyler Knott Gregson)

4. "Pillow Thoughts" (Courtney Perppernell)

5. "the chaos of longing" (k.y. robinson)

6. "wild embers" (Nikita Gill)

7. "DROPKICK romance" (cyrus parker)

8. "the witch doesn't burn in this one" (Amanda Lovelace)

9. "whiskey words & a shovel volume I" (r.h. Sin)

10. "whiskey words & a shovel volume II" (r.h. Sin)

11. "whiskey words & a shovel volume III" (r.h. Sin)

12. "milk & honey" (rupi kaur)

13. "the sun and her flowers" (rupi kaur)

14. "Love Her Wild" (Atticus)

15. "Neon Soul" (Alexandra Elle)

16. "the princess saves herself in this one" (Amanda Lovelace)