Podcasts For Every Type Of Person
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Podcasts For Every Type Of Person

No matter what your interests are, there's a podcast for you.

Podcasts For Every Type Of Person

Many people, especially millennials such as myself, spend the entirety of their days plugged into their iPod. Whether they prefer Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, or any other music service, young people just can't get enough of their music. It doesn't matter if you like top 40 hits, old school hip-hop, classic rock, or bands that "you've probably never heard of"--everyone rocks out whenever they can. This used to be the case for me, as well, until I discovered the fantastical world of podcasts. I soon realized that there's a podcast out there for everyone--the political junkie, the comedy nerd, the graphic designer, the science professor, etc. etc. Here's a list of # of podcasts that I think you may enjoy.

1. For The Literature Major

As an English literature major myself, I understand the compulsion we bibliophiles have to acquire and read through as many books as possible. Overdue is a great podcast for anyone who loves to read. Each week, one of the hosts reads a book he "should have read by now" and explains it to the other host, whilst dissecting the book's themes as well as the author's life. If you're into classic horror/sci-fi, the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast might be for you. Lovecraft is the king of creepiness, and the modern horror genre wouldn't exist without him. If you love Rules of Attraction and American Psycho as much as I do, you'll probably check out the B.E.E Podcast, otherwise known as author Bret Easton Ellis's show. Fair warning: Ellis is extremely opinionated and does not hesitate to argue with his guests.

2. For The True Crime Fan

It seems like everyone's into true crime stories these days. With the dramatization of the OJ Simpson trial and the documentary series Making a Murderer, people could not be more enthralled by stories of crime and punishment. One of the most popular podcasts of all time, Serial, is a great choice if you are one of these people. Season one focused on the controversial trial and conviction of Adnan Syed, while season two focused on the arguably more controversial story of Bowe Berghdal. The host tells you the facts, but allows you room to form your own opinions, making this show a great conversation topic.

3. For The TV Fanatic

This is America--we all love TV! I have a variety of favorite shows myself, but if you know me at all, you know that my favorite show of all time is NBC's Friends. I've already written two articles about the series and will probably write several more throughout the year. The Best of Friends podcast consists of three Friends fanatics watching every episode, one by one, and discussing them for us to listen to. The three hosts are hilarious together, and after listening to a few episodes, you start to feel as if you know them personally.

4. For The Romantic

The New York Time's features an interesting column entitled "Modern Love". In it, everyday people write in about the experiences with love, loss, and all that is related. Fortunately for me, the newspaper started a podcast in which famous actors read aloud these columns. After the reading, the author of the column is interviewed. Past readers include Dakota Fanning, Sarah Silverman, and Jason Alexander. I've always loved reading the column, but hearing it read aloud with emotion makes the experience even more intriguing.

5. For The Information Junkie

This is an easy one. Anyone who wants to go in-depth into a specific topic or idea should tune in to TED Radio Hour, the audio version of TED Talks. Almost any phenomenon you can think of has been or will soon be covered during this show. The episodes run a bit long, but I always feel like I've learned something new each time I listen.

6. For The Feminist

2016 just may be the year of third-wave feminism. If that statement appeals to you, you will love Slate DoubleX Gabfest. This podcast is an off-shoot of the online magazine Slate.com. In it, several women discuss gender-focused issues of the day, whether they concern politics, pop culture, or anything else. The show is mainly light-hearted, but also tackles difficult topics at times.

7. For The Religion Nerd

As someone who was raised Catholic and attended a Catholic college, I have always been interested in religion. Even though I am not practicing anymore, I still find joy in the Sunday School Dropouts podcast. This show is hosted by a former devout Christian and a very casual Jew. Their goal is to read through the entire Bible--a hefty task--providing commentary and insight as they go. I think this podcast is accessible to anyone, whether you've been studying the Bible for years or even if you've just arrived on Earth from an alien planet and have no idea who Jesus Christ is.

8. For The Comedy Geek

I saved the best for last! I am a huge comedy geek myself, digesting SNL, late-night shows, and sitcoms like some people digest pizza. The If I Were You Show was the very first podcast I ever listened to. As a big fan of College Humor in its heyday and specifically the Jake and Amir franchise, I was incredibly excited to hear Amir Blumenfeld and Jake Hurwitz tackle listener's questions and give the funniest advice possible. If you're interested in hearing comedians talk about themselves, comic Pete Holmes hosts You Made It Weird, in which he meets with a different funny person every week and gets to know them. A relatively new funny podcast is 2 Dope Queens, hosted by Phoebe Robinson and The Daily Show's Jessica Williams. This podcast consists of a live show highlighting a few comedians with intermittent commentary from the hosts.

Happy listening!

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