Please Take Care Of The Planet

With Earth Day behind us, many people might stop caring about what we do to the planet. Let me just say, you shouldn’t. We should all take care of our planet together.

I see way too many people in my dorm who don’t recycle, and this is ridiculous to me because we have recycling bins in every room, as well as places to put our recyclables when our bins overflow. Why would you not recycle if the option is always right there?

I also see people who leave their trash behind wherever they go. Why? Just why? If you do this, stop it. You are a grown man/woman, and you are fully capable of cleaning up after yourself. Just throw your trash away. Plant a tree or some flowers. It’s not hard.

It saddens me to watch how deforestation is spreading so rapidly. There are species going extinct because of our actions. I’m not against progress — I am for progress in the right direction.

Listen, y’all. Taking care of the planet isn’t hard. Recycle. Turn off the water and the lights when you aren’t using them. Pick up after yourself. We only have this one planet, and we should love it and treat it with care as best as we can for as long as we can.

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