That Winter Playlist To Take Your Mind Off Of The World.
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That Winter Playlist To Take Your Mind Off Of The World.

As my dad always says, "Music is the emotions we sometimes cannot express."

Hippo Campus for Billboard

Here I go again.

A new season is upon us so I must grace the world with more music that brings me happiness. I feel as though the winter, at times, can be depressing and lack the gumption needed to get people smiling.

I love all different sounds and songs, as you know, so I like to make it a combination of music that makes me feel certain emotions. Happy. Somber. Joyous. Full of life. I love a nice song that makes me want to pour a cup of coffee, sit on my back porch, and meditate on the thoughts and processes of the day.

These songs embody it all.

I hope, in whatever season of life you are in, you can relate to these tunes. As my dad always says, "Music is the emotions we sometimes cannot express."

warm glow - Hippo Campus

warm glow EP COVER

Picture this: you are in the Rocky Mountains. Your car is softly, zipping through a canyon. Rushing water weaves in and out from beneath the road. Suddenly, 'warm glow' comes on with that Hippo Campus vibe, and you are transported into a universe where nothing could be more perfect than this. This was me in Estes Park, Colorado. It was bliss. The sound was made for the moment and it made me feel better than I have in months. It was the perfect picture and this song captured it.

feel good - Tierra Whack

feel good EP COVER

This song randomly came to me across my TV screen on a commercial. I already worship the ground Tierra Whack walks on and this song solidified that notion. The beat and rapping in 'feel good' do exactly what the title says: it makes you feel good. The beat flows perfectly into a complete kaleidoscope of sound and makes me want to get up and move. With every new single, I hope for the new greatness of an artist who is always taking that next step.

Cellophane - FKA twigs

Wow. This one hits a nerve that really left me without any words to describe it. FKA twigs are one of the most revolutionary artists of our generation. 'Cellophane' is one of those songs that reminds you that other people feel the same pain you do. You aren't alone. This song is all about being enough. As a woman, it is a feeling felt deeply on a daily basis. Am I enough for those I love? Especially when we are killing ourselves trying. Know your worth.

Godspeed - Frank Ocean


In my life, songs and song lyrics always hit home. This one, though, hit in a different way. Especially when someone ends things with you. 'Wishing you godspeed'. I relate those words to when a person is going on a journey. Frank Ocean twisted the meaning to be a gentle and respectful breakup. Leaving a love, but doing it in a possible light. A new journey is starting and it must be taken. The number of times I have sat in my car at night and cried to this song, the amount is too high.

invisible string - Taylor Swift

Okay, to start, I initially hated 'folklore'. It was not what I was expecting from Swift, so I turned my nose up to it. Boy, was I mistaken. When 'invisible string' came softly through my car speaker, my expectations became actualized. In the current state of my life, the metaphor used is more prevalent than ever. Life is hooked along one long string that connects us to each and every moment of our existence. I fell in love with this song and its composition and I never looked back.

Montana - Youth Lagoon

Montana EP COVER

Yes, ladies, get your tissues. This is the song Indy Blue used in her 'jack.." video on her social media that made women cry around the world. The melodies and instrumental use are unmatched. The first few words make me immediately start crying. What's new, honestly. 'Montana' is about loss and finding yourself in recovery. It is about growing from a state of mourning to see the light again. After the year we have had, I feel as though it is more important than ever.

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - Tame Impala


I. LOVE. TAME. IMPALA. I feel like that sentence needs to be more than capitalized, but this will do. I found this song in a playlist buried deep in my music and remembered its glory as though I had heard it for the first time again. It is like life is much like 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards'. It is so often one step forward, two steps back. It is painstakingly true. This song is about a desire to be understood and make a movement towards a better relationship and better tomorrow. That is the best we can hope for.

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