I Created The Playlist Of My Life, Inspired By Teen Vogue's Youtube Series
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I Created The Playlist Of My Life, Inspired By Teen Vogue's Youtube Series

My personal take on Teen Vogue's "The Playlist of My Life" Youtube series

I Created The Playlist Of My Life, Inspired By Teen Vogue's Youtube Series

I've created a playlist that includes some of the most important songs that encompasses and embodies my youth. From when I was a little girl up to my adolescence, these songs either deepened my love for music or perfectly expressed my feelings during this chapter in my life. And I hope that whoever reads this may find new and old songs that they too can add to their musical playlists.

1. Hey Jude - The Beatles

"Hey Jude" was the best and only song that I loved to sing to the top of my lungs when I was little. I don't remember when and who played this song (probably my dad), but it stuck. And I remember singing, "na, na, na, naaa" to my family members over and over on late nights. Now, listening to this song, it brings back so many bittersweet memories and will forever be the song that started my love for singing.

2. Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

Just like "Hey Jude", "Three Little Birds" was one of the most significant songs that played in my childhood. The first time I listened to this song was during one of my nap times in elementary school. The song not only had a calming melody, but also a message that is definitely comforting in many different situations.

3. Cool Down - Kolohe Kai

This song is such a feel-good song. I love listening to Hawaii Local music, Kolohe Kai being one of my favorites. "Cool Down" would be the song that always played inside the car on drives around the island. And if I am stressed, at the beach, or eating out, this is the song that had to be played!

4. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

"We Are Never Getting Back Together" was, and will probably still be, my favorite song by Taylor Swift, though her new album, 'Folklore' is amazing! This was one of the first songs that I learned and memorized all the words to, and later most of the songs on Taylor's "Red" album. My sisters and I are for sure Swifties, and memories of us singing and jamming out to her songs would be the highlight of my day.

5. Breaking Free - High School Musical

This playlist wouldn't be complete without adding a High School Musical song! Like many others who were born in the early 2000s, High School Musical was what I pictured my life was going to be like, though it didn't quite end up being as musically as I had hoped it would. Nevertheless, this song always made my day better and will forever give me nostalgic feels.

6. Beautiful People (ft. Khalid) - Ed Sheeran

"Beautiful People" would be the song that would be played on Friday nights, when I'm at home and doing all my homework in that one night, so I wouldn't have to do anything during the weekend. I love this song, the message, Ed Sheeran's voice, and everything that makes it blend all together.

7. Dancing Queen - ABBA

Being almost eighteen, "Dancing Queen" is my seventeen-year-old-girl's anthem. Such an iconic song, I can't resist dancing to this song...no matter the situation, you'll see me dancing! "You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen," is the one line that sits with me and which bittersweetly foreshadows a future waiting for me to begin.

8. Best Friend - Rex Orange County

"Best Friend" is a song that I put in my life playlist because: 1. I love the beat 2. the message and 3. I just love Rex Orange County's songs. This is a song that I would sing with my friends late in the night, being one that's been shuffled in all of our Spotify playlists, depending on who has the aux cord!

9. Keep It Gold - Surfaces

Lastly, is "Keep It Gold." I enjoy this song with a passion. This song is one that ties my youth all together and makes any new day, adventure, company better. It's a feel good song, in which the lyrics define my life and what I live by. So, as the song preaches and is called, let's keep it gold!

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