Players: Heartlessly Captivating, Or The Real Damaged Victims?
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Players: Heartlessly Captivating, Or The Real Damaged Victims?

A heart breaker is known for ruining love and all that it offers, but it is the heart breakers who are the only true broken ones at the end of the day.

Players: Heartlessly Captivating, Or The Real Damaged Victims?

Heart breakers are often labeled as players rather than the ones who were broken first, when in reality they are simply afraid to trust again. Heart breakers are seen as nothing other than that which they are called, yet we, the so-called heart breakers, tempt the individuals who believe that we are something significant in terms of unconditional love. Perhaps people are enlightened by the possibility of trust being something we could experience, but in different eyes, we are not the heart breakers, we are the only ones who really understand love and all there is to fear from it.

Heart breakers are often seen, at first, as mesmerizing, breathtaking characters that walk into your life. Those are the ones who have beauty from within them, and on their exterior. You are mesmerized in all of their glory, all that they are, and we want to hand ourselves over for a taste of what everyone else has been craving. You want to find out what is so secretly mesmerizing, for the way we walk around with such a demeanor that you cannot fathom, because that demeanor draws you closer. Our own aura sets you on such an edge that you do not understand because it is new ground to you that you have yet to cover in your life.

Has it occurred to anyone that we are dead inside? The true reason for why we lead you on and make you fall is because we want to experience the same feeling that you are, but we are so emotionally destructive that there is nothing we can do with our hearts that could make us open up to you. Being emotionally cut off is a very real thing. We are the type of people who can love the deepest and offer the most, but we learned very early in life that people leave, and trust is not real, therefore we cannot let anyone in. We are the few beauties in the world that understand pain but have no real way of moving past anything other than what we know.

It’s not that we want to hurt you - it's that we simply cannot give you what you’re asking for because we are incapable of handing over anything else of ourselves, for the damage has already taken its toll. As lost as we are now, that part was lost a long time ago. You fall for all the things that we know about ourselves because they are unknown to you, an individual who does not have the same tainted heart. The unknown attracts you, and as we can give you the insight of the thrill, we cannot fill the void you want us to because that is all we are, open voids.

We can only teach you what it feels like to be one of us, and turn you into what we have become in the only naive way possible - lost love and sheer pain. Loneliness and emptiness are things we can never forget, and they creep up as a reminder with every breath we take. It is this feeling that we carry with ourselves that attracts you. That was the thing that you wanted so desperately to uncover, and once you have, there is no turning back. Welcome to the life we could never wish for you, but you asked for us to show you.

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In the future, when all you have to say about us is, “He/She broke my heart," or, “Oh, he/she broke me because he/she was a player, a total douchebag," we will have no answers for you as you silently ask yourself, why? Because we have already learned this pain in a whole different way. You learned not to trust because we broke you. But we learned not to trust because we were born broken.

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