Boys these days love playing a good game. It's what they consider "talking" now. So the question I want to answer is how to avoid being played and actually end up the winner of the game.

The most important thing to remember is to not trust all the words coming out of a guy's mouth because most of the time it's just diarrhea spilling it out of it. Guys find amusement in playing mind games with us girls and making us think their intentions are much more genuine than they really are.

To prevent getting played, you have to consider life one big chess game.

Know your next two moves ahead and your partners. That is vital to winning the game they love playing. For guys, if it isn't official, there's nothing stopping them from going out and dogging. A part of their game is making the girl see a future with the guy she'll be with him while he can dog.

One of my guy friends told me that he used to go to sleep at night knowing what's going to happen next and knowing the girl can't do anything to prevent what's going to happen next because they just don't know what's going to happen.

I had this guy over the summer who I thought would end up being my boyfriend but in the end, I just got played.

I expected those three months of flirting to blossom into something more but it ended up just being a summer fling. The guy made it seem like he really liked me, he even told me he loved me. But his words definitely didn't reciprocate his actions. He was leading me on the whole summer about us getting into a relationship just so I would blow every other guy off and just talk to him.

He played me really well, I'll give him that.

Do I regret it? Absolutely not, because it taught me so much and now I can be the coach in the game, not just a mere player or victim.

To play the game back is a complete mind game. You have to make the guy want you and make him jealous. You have to make him unable to sleep at night knowing you're out.

He will always think you're with other guys and that will mess him up mentally. Playing the game is something you have to really be mentally prepared for. You can't give up even if the guy tries something. Imagine you're about to get something from someone but right before it's handed to you, you say something and ruin it for yourself... How would you feel? Pretty stupid, right?

That's what you have to do to guys. Right before things go down you have to bring something up or say something that he'll have a stupid answer to which will kill the vibe of doing something sexual. This will lead the guy to go home feeling stupid and having the intention to hit you up to try again. This will put him in your pocket. You have to throw the guy off his game.