10 Reasons You Need To Stop What You're Doing And Play 'Monster Prom' Immediately

As someone who is highly addicted to visual novels, I was surprised to learn that one slipped under my radar. I have multiple apps on my phone that involve choice-based visual novels. As a college student, they keep me entertained and I don't have to read full-length novels that I don't have time for.

Monster Prom was released in April of 2018 by Beautiful Glitch and is available on Steam for roughly twelve dollars. Not only is it completely hilarious, but it completely enraptures you and keeps you playing for more outcomes. Coming from a renowned visual novel reader, I'm telling you that you'll regret not dropping everything and playing this game.

1. The graphics are cute as F*CK!


The graphics are simplistic, but beautifully drawn. You don't see much other than the characters and the backgrounds associated with the scene, but all of the drawings for each character are super well done.

2. It's an interesting twist on romance genre visual novels.


So, there are a lot of visual novels based on romancing the supernatural, but this one specifically focuses on taking a monster to prom and the build up in order to be able to do that.

3. The love interests are SUPERB!

Screenshot of in-game content

Seph Kleio

I absolutely adore every single love interest - each one having their own unique form and personality. Some overlap with each other when it comes to stat based questions, but they're all individually amazing.

You have Damien LaVey, a demon with a love of violence and aggression; Vera Oberlin, a gorgon who is going to take over the (re: my) world with her determination and business ventures; Liam de Lioncourt, a vampire who is nothing less than cool and hipster; Polly Geist, (yeah, you read that right) a ghost who LIVES to party and have a good time; Miranda Vanderbilt, a mermaid princess who is cute as hell but could still cause major damage; and finally, Scott Howl, a tender-hearted werewolf who only wants good things for people.

4. The character(s) you play as? FANTASTIC!

Screenshot of in-game content

Seph Kleio

Do you see those little cuties? How can you possibly not want to play as every single one of them at once? You have Oz, or Yellow, the literal epitome of fear; Amira, or Red, who could step on my throat and I'd say thank you; Brian, or Green, a dazed zombie who stole my heart; and Vicky, or blue, a sweet frankenstein-isque monster.

5. You can play with friends!


There's a MULTIPLAYER mode! It's so amazing and as a romance visual novel, the competition can get intense! Just last night, my small group of friends were playing the game and as it drew to a close, we were all screaming and dramatically reacting to the game.

6. The different story lines keep you guessing.


There are so many different endings! You might end up with one you've already had, but it only frustrates you into playing again to get a different ending, OR, one of the secret endings!

7. Unlike other visual novels, it involves actual strategy!


The game involves stats for your character that you have to use in order to successfully romance one of the love interests. It can be a lot of work, especially if you're playing with multiple people, and it causes you to actually think about what you're doing before you do it!

8. Damien motherf*ckin LaVey

fanart of Damien LaVey

Kohaikuun on Instagram

Now, I love all of the love interests, but Damien LaVey, the demon, completely stole my heart - just as he did to many others. He's strong, sweet when he wants to be, and a total frickin' jester who doesn't realize it.

9. The dialogue is breathtaking.

Screenshot of in-game content

Seph Kleio

Literally the intro dialogue and the ending dialogue gets to me every time. It's really heartwarming and can be emotional.

10. It's lighthearted and fun!


The best thing about this game is that it's FUN! There's no serious drama, nothing too heartbreaking, and nothing that emotionally exhausts you while you play. It's supposed to be a game you play for the enjoyment, rather than a lot of visual novels that get really intense.

Along with all of this, the creators add photos that you can unlock and feature fanart in the actual game! I don't advise this game for the weak hearted because it can get pretty lewd and saucy. This is one of the best visual novels that I've ever played and I'm honored to be writing about it now.

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